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Title: Newbie question
Post by: boxerjake on August 11, 2021, 08:55:55 am
Have about a 10 year old smoke generator part no : BTSG1
The puck advance runs continuously, unplugged the advance button , still runs .
Hit the reset button on whatever the small black devise is below the advance tray, that stops the advance but continues as soon as released .
Imagine there are a few posts about this as well , a link would be appreciated.
Thanx GP
Title: Re: Newbie question
Post by: Habanero Smoker on August 11, 2021, 02:03:32 pm
Hi boxerjake;

Welcome to the forum.

It sounds like you may have a bad micro switch, or the arm that the motor rotates is not stopping on the micro switch, or is not pushing the switch in far enough to turn the motor off.

I'm short of time to do a search, but you should be able to search more thoroughly. Go to the home page and type in micro switch.

The post below may be helpful, but don't click on the link provided in the post by Cheech, because that site no longer exists.

Micro Switch (
Title: Re: Newbie question
Post by: TedEbear on August 12, 2021, 06:32:55 pm

Bradley Smoker FAQ's - Answers
Submitted by: Habanero Smoker

Q. Why are the bisquettes continuously feeding, and just being dumped into the water bowl?

A. If you have the original model, first check to make sure the advance button is not stuck (for more information click on the following link How do I stop my puck advance button from getting stuck, and is dumping pucks into the water bowl? 

Continuous feed of bisquettes can be caused by a problem with the micro switch. The micro switch is the connection between the motor arm and the micro switch box. It controls the off power of the motor which feeds and pushes the bisquettes. If there are loose or disconnected wires the arm will depress the switch, but the motor will keep running and continue to feed bisquettes.

Please open the generator, and take a look at that switch which is going to be a gray rectangle shaped switch; first make sure that all wires to the switch box are connected, secondly makes sure nothing is blocking that switch and the arm. If the wires appear to be plugged in, disconnect and reconnect the connections to make sure they are secure. In some cases it may be required to loosen the motor mount nuts, so that the motor can be readjusted so the drive arm makes better contact with the micro switch. While you are inspecting the micro switch, this would be a good time to clean it with an electrical contact cleaner.

Title: Re: Newbie question
Post by: boxerjake on August 13, 2021, 09:19:37 am
Ok ... thanx I'll look at the alignment of the drive arm to switch, manually depressing the switch does stop the feed , so that would indicate the switch functions.

The smoker has propane burner as well , so atleast I'm still cookin ... just had a few cheap packs of chops from Costco that I was going to cold smoke , the Bradley comes in handy for that .
Title: Re: Newbie question
Post by: Habanero Smoker on August 13, 2021, 01:51:17 pm
I hope this resolve the problem. Though it still could be the switch itself. There have been reports that the micro switch would not work unless it was depress further in than the switch housing.

Thanks for taking the time to find and post the possible solution.
Title: Re: Newbie question
Post by: boxerjake on August 13, 2021, 03:07:22 pm
Fixed it today ... all good

The arm was just a hair shy of depressing the switch, my guess is a whole pile of thermo cycling caused it to creep away just enough .

The smoker is a 125lb capacity or more , you can stand inside of it no problem , made from a stainless steel blanket warmer out of a hospital . Besides the smoke generator it also runs on a propane ring burner and I use it to rotisserie whole chickens at times as well as smoke fish , ribs , wings , brisket etc etc etc .
 Hence at times the Bradley is not used but still soaks up the heat due to being mounted on the exterior about 18" off the bottom ... heat just creeps in the smoke generator if the vent is choked off during those process.
Title: Re: Newbie question
Post by: Habanero Smoker on August 14, 2021, 01:30:05 am
Glad to hear the generator is up and smoking again.

Looks like you have quite a setup.