Broken Door

Started by Wingman, June 25, 2009, 06:54:32 PM

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Did my first pork butt. Put it in the smoker in the evening and when I opened the door in the morning to check I noticed a piece of the plastic moulding from the bottom of the door was cracked and fell on the ground. I sent a email to Bradley telling them what had happened and explaining that I purchased the smoker few months ago and it was not banged or dropped. I was wondering if my first  14 hour of using  had any thing to do with the moulding cracking and the reply I got back was it it only cosmetic and can't be replaced unless I get a whole new door. Any ideas what could have happened? I am not happy with this happening.

Bradley (Head Office)

Hi Wingman

I am not sure who sent you that e-mail but
If your smoker is only a few months old you are still covered under warranty
Give me a call at the office and i will send you out a new door.
If you still have a copy of the e-mail you received could you forward it to me as well.
Send it to [email protected]



Nice work Brian! Customer service is alive and well at Bradley.  :)
Thanks for helping Wingman out.


Brian Thank You for the reply I will call you this week, on vacation till Thursday.


Just wanted to pass on that I spoke to Brian in customer service and he is sending me a new door. Ist problem I ever had with a Bradley smoker (This is the 2nd Bradley I've owned) and I can't say enough about how I was treated by customer service for this problem. What a great feeling to know that they stand behind there smokers 100%. Hats off to Brian and the customer service team. :) Thank You Again


Can't agree with ya more Wingman, Bradley customer service is the best, sad in this day that more companies don't see it that way!

Its amazing what one can accomplish when one doesn't know what one can't do!

Ka Honu

Quote from: westexasmoker on July 06, 2009, 06:30:26 PM... sad in this day that more companies don't see it that way!

Yeah, Brian & the Bradley gang don't seem to have the usual combination of dumb and rude we've become so used to.  Maybe something to do with the "Eh" factor?