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Started by gateso, June 22, 2009, 11:31:07 AM

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Just ordered my new OBS from Amazon yesterday and am looking forward to a smokin' 4th. Have also ordered my Maverick ET-73. Next come Briquettes and Bubba pucks. Couple of questions,should I order a mixed batch of Briquettes to start my Smokin' adventures and any suggestions about which briquettes and how to season or is that covered in the manual when I receive my OBS ?
I have been searching for a Smoker for a while and this Forum helped me make my decision on the OBS. Thanks to all contributors I will be leaning on y'all for a while.


The seasoning process is explained in the small manual that comes with the smoker. its only an hour process.  go to this site, it will help answer lots of basic questions.



Welcome to the fun.

Be carefull this smoking thing is addictive

The seasoning is covered in the instruction's.

If you do get the mixed batch I would use the special blend to season the smoker. The Alder works well with fish and poultry. The Maple is good with pork and poultry. Cherry is good with poultry, pork and beef. Hickory is the strongest of them all in this batch and is best with beef.

Pecan is my flavor of choice on everything but poultry and fish, kinda like hickory but milder and a little nutty.