Another temp control question

Started by Smokeville, June 24, 2009, 08:59:41 AM

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Hi folks;

I moved the smoker into the garage and noticed something I couldn't see when the OBS was outside in the sunshine...

When the slider is at the left, the light is off. As I move the slider to the right, it has to go almost 1/2 way before the red light begins to glow even a little bit and I can hear a faint hum.... as I keep going right, the light comes on bright. (sorry about that).

Is this normal?

What it means is that at any setting below halfway, there is no heat.

Thanks, Rich

Habanero Smoker

The light is working, but too dim for you to see it. Both the light and heating element is hooke up to a rheostat. As you observed the lower the heat, the dimmer the light. Mine produces some heat even when it is all the way to the left. You will notice it more during the evening and night hours (or early morning before sunrise). Just to be on the safe side, you should check it out when it get dark, to make sure your circuit board is working properly.