New Bradley does chicken

Started by sonny red, June 26, 2009, 06:43:05 PM

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sonny red

New member here, got my OBS about 2 weeks ago. I have done 2 batches of salmon that were unreal. Tonight I did a simple chicken. Brined it yesterday for about 5 hours, then marinaded it for about 20hrs in home made Italian dressing(the wife's specialty). Smoked it for 2 hours at 210 and then finished it on the gas grill at 350 till done (internal of 170). rested it in foil for 10 and it was absolutely the best we've had. My wife and 17 yo daughter who are very picky about their chicken wouldn't let me near that bird till they were done. I used hickory and some special blend for the smoke and all I can say was there will be repeats of this during this summer. Got all the ideas from this forum and the  recipe page recommended here.  So now...I have to find out how to do venison roasts...

Smokin Soon

sonny, sounds like you have got things pretty dialed in on your cooks. Lets get some pics!


Awesome Sonny,
I agree with Smokin Soon, how about some pictures?
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