DBS6 shutting down

Started by unclebuck, July 03, 2009, 04:20:51 PM

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My DBS6 shuts down every 20 minutes with a "beep".  I can flash it up again immediately, only to have the situation repeat.  I have pulled all of the plugs, re-inserted them, and still have the same problem.  The generator has been pulled off, opened, inspected only to find no loose wires, closed up again and put back on the cabinet.  When I started it up, I had the same problem.  The unit shut down again after 20 minutes.  Has anyone encountered the same problem?
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Mr Walleye

This is a new one on me UncleBuck. It sounds like the is some type of short in the electronics. The 20 minutes to me would indicated it is about to advance a puck when it fails.

Is your unit still under warranty? If so I would give Bradley a call for sure.

Hopefully Brian from Bradley will be along and comment on this.


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I have not heard this one either, but I'm sure Brian will be able to help. If you do not hear from him on here, I'd call Bradley Monday morning.


I would agree that it sounds like a puck advance issue.  Pull the feeder tube out, turn it on, and press the puck advance button several times to see if it properly cycles.  If the puck side is turned off, will it still error out after 20 minutes?
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I fiddlefrogged with the control unit again this morning, and checked out the connections, again.  Put it back together, flashed it up to smoke some back bacon and pork tenderloins, and it seems to be working without a hitch up to this point.  I will have to babysit it, so that I will be on hand if and when it craps out again.  Hopefully, things will work from here on.   
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Bradley (Head Office)

Hi Unclebuck

Hope everthing is ok with your generator now

I would say you had a loose or dirty connection on one of the main power wires that go to the white or black box inside the generator.

Let me know if the problem comes back.



I took the generator apart again, and rechecked all of the connections.  One of the main connections seemed somewhat loose again, so I pressed it together as tightly as it would go.  I ran the generator through a complete 4 hr cycle with no interruptions. 

Thanks Brian. 
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