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Started by msiler, February 04, 2004, 03:10:36 AM

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I am new here but has anyone else noticed that there is not very many people on this forum... I.E. less than 200.[:(] I know there have got to be alot more Bradley Smoker owners out there who could and or would contribute to this forum. I found this forum quite by accident when I came to the site to register my smoker. There was nothing in my owners manual about this forum. Are the Bradley folks 'listening'? could information about the forum be included in the manual or as a separate flyer packaged with new smokers or accesories or even with boxes of bisquettes to get the word out?
While researching different possible smokers I came upon CookShacks forum and it is huge. I am certain that if more people knew of this forum it would be much the same. [?]


Yeah, I noticed that too msiler, I don't get it either....usually, people who are interested in a product or event go nuts on forums....

I belong to another forum on fishing which by some standards is not huge, but has 15,000 hits regularly....there are about 10 of us who post with frequency there...over here it seems that people sign up,have one question and then you never hear from them again....very strange as we can all learn something everyday!


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We're small but mighty![:D] Stick around a while and stay active. For me, it's actually nice NOT to have to wade through 25000 posts to see what's going on with the Bradley smokers likeI do with the Ford PowerStroke forum.....besides, I've found that the more folks there are on a forum the more repetitive the questions (e.g. "is Bradley listening?" [;)] )  Besides, just think, you're getting in on the "ground floor" and can be a Sr. Member sooner than the other 2457 members joining after you![:D]  Bradley advertises "over 20,000 sold" so there's bound to be more joining when they find out.....I can't wait to hear about yours and their Bradley experiences and recipes [8D]

Kummok @ Homer, AK USA


Hey Kummok,
I like the way you think... That is true about 25000 posts etc the 4x4 forum I frequented for years has gotten to the point that I cant even try to keep up[V]. So far all i have gotten to use my BS for has been summer sausage, pork butt and cheese. The last was the deciding factor for me to get a Bradley. I have smoked for years on just about every type of smoker there is and nothing has ever been so easy. "Set it and forget it".... almost feels like cheatin.
I will have to get busy and post some recipes once i adjust them a bit more for my smoker. Thanks for the different perspective.[:D]


I'm not trying to be a thorn but think the Forum could use some tweeking, I'm getting the same posting sometimes three times and it's a little annoying!  Also I think it would be nice if the Bradley Company would reply to some of the problem/solutions, I'm sure they watch the Forum closely!  I did post a question/thoughts on the burner resting on the water pan as I think it conducts the heat and creates a boiling/steam pot that causes steam/condensation that's not needed??? I thought at least Bubba would post his thoughts on this but I guess it's not a concern?

I do enjoy and use the Forum so thanks everyone for your thoughts and Posts...

Larry M[?]

Chez Bubba


I apologize for not addressing every issue you posted on that thread. As you can see from my reply, I was juggling several posters at once and apparently a couple of points fell by the wayside. In the future, please fell free to make another post or email me & say "But you didn't answer this....".

I have replied to your other questions on that thread to keep the board as organized as possible. Check it out & let me know if you have any other questions.[:)]


Ya think if next time I check into a hotel & they ask "Smoking or Non", they would mind?



I responded to your post but put it in the "Alternative to the catch bowl" post so you would be able to see what I'm talking about by the unit pictured. It looks to me like the burner is resting on the bowl like mine, I don't think the bolw would get as hot as shown, like mine also from an indirect heat?

I hope I'm not getting this on two different threads and making too much confusion!!!

Thanks again Kirk, you do a great job in helping everyone!!

Larry M


I've seen no indication that BS Inc watches this forum at all.....that's not meant to slam them though....They make a quality product and back it up exceptionally well.....Chez Bubba, our INTERNATIONAL BS rep keeps us all really well informed and BS Inc provides an excellent forum for us....the rest is up to us. If ya really think about it, it's kinda like NOT having the Guv'ment looking over our shoulders and that CAN'T be a bad thing![:D]

I vote for BS Inc to keep concentrating on producing GREAT smokers, Chez to keep us up on Bradley stuff, and us to go crazy with shared recipes and experiences[^]

Kummok @ Homer, AK USA