"E-1" display message, can't get started!

Started by nbrownlaw, August 29, 2009, 03:58:43 PM

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Hopefull Romantic


welcome to the forum and glad that your troubles are over. You shall always have the best service from the Bradley guys and excellent advice from the forum members. Welcome aboard.


Hi there and welcome to the forum,

Since it is Sunday, I suggest that you I suggest that you re - post your issues again but as a new topic. I am not sure whether Brian of Bradley would be revisiting the thread that was started by NB knowing that at least HIS troubles are over. If you re-post, I am sure Brian would take notice and that he would, at least give you a head start.

Welcome to the forum and do you worry, this will pass as soon as Bradley gets a hold of it. They are second to non.


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Quote from: Supplicate on September 12, 2009, 09:25:07 PM
Have been troubleshooting the smoker all evening.  It isn't the cable, it isn't the connector on the smoke generator side, 90% sure it isn't the connector on the tower side.

This is where it gets interesting; either the wires are too short or the sensor is bad.  If you take the back off and disconnect/reconnect the interior connect things will then work for a bit.  Takes about seven minutes for it to throw an E1.  But, on the other hand, it could be that at the temp after seven minutes the sensor is faulty.  Don't have any wire on hand so don't have any way to test either theory before tomorrow.

Hi Supplicate

From what you describe and the tests you have done, If the connection in the back of the tower seems tight then I think you have a faulty temperature sensor.
One other thing you can try, Turn the smoker on then take a Bic Lighter or a match and place it in front of the temp. sensor inside the tower (NO LONGER THAN 1 OR 2 SECONDS) Then shut the smoker off and cool the sensor down with a ice cube for a few seconds. After turn the smoker back on a see if your E-1 comes back.

If it comes back give the office a call on Monday and we can send you out a new sensor.



Got it up and running the easy way, took it in for an exchange.  Had some of the best smoked chicken I've had in a long time for lunch.


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I'm glad you got it worked out.
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