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Voting will be done in the form of a poll, which will be posted on Nov 2nd and will close Nov 6th.  You will only have to pick your favorite and vote for that one.

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Bacon is the Crack Cocaine of the Food World.

Be careful about calling yourself and EXPERT! An ex is a has-been, and a spurt is a drip under pressure!


Chicken Thigh Pies with Sweet Onion, Pear & Ginger

3 large chicken thighs (approx 1 pound) cut in half
1 cup apple cider
6 slices regular bacon
1 TBS oil
2 tps minced ginger (divided)
1/2 large sweet onion sliced thinly (I used a Walla Walla sweet onion)
1 large pear peeled and sliced thinly
salt, pepper, and nutmeg to your taste
1 1/2 sheets of puff pastry cut into 6 squares, at room temperature for at least 40 mins.
6 oz cream cheese at room temp
1 tsp soy sauce
1 egg
1+ TBS water
Spray oil like Pam

Marinade chicken thighs 8 hrs in apple cider.  Keep in the fridge while marinading.

Dry off chicken with a paper towel.  Season to taste with salt, pepper and nutmeg. Wrap each piece with bacon and place on a Pam-sprayed smoker rack.
Smoke in a preheated smoker at 225F with apple smoke for 2 hours.

Have your pears, onions and 1 tsp of the ginger prepped and ready to go.  Add 1 TBS of oil heating very hot in a skillet on the grill and when it starts smoking add the onions and saute till tender.
Then add pears and ginger, sprinkle with salt, pepper and nutmeg to taste. Saute for just a couple minutes and the pears are tender but not falling apart.  Remove from heat.

To the cream cheese add the soy sauce and the remaining 1 tsp of minced ginger.

On a lightly-floured surface roll the puff pastry to squares of 6 inches square.
On each pastry, spread a 1/6th of the cream cheese mixture, then place a bacon-wrapped chicken piece and top with 1/6th of the sauted onions, ginger and pear mixture.

Fold over each puff pastry, moisten with a little water where the puff pastry comes in contact with itself and press down with a fork. Place on a Pam-sprayed insulated baking sheet.  
Mix one egg with one TBS of water and brush on the tops of the pies.  Cut slits into each pie to vent.

Place in a 400F pre-heated grill, close the grill and bake for 20 mins.
Bake until brown and bubbling.  



Smoked chicken thigh egg rolls

Thighs smoke at 225 for about 3 hours

Allow to cool and remove bone and chop, place in a ziplock bag with 4 tbls of soy sauce and teriyaki (more or less of whichever you prefer) and marinade overnight in the fridge

Smoke for one hour red bell, green bell, purple onion, pine nuts, red pear and water chestnuts

Chop fine and saute until tender

In a large bowl combine vegtables, chicken and two cups coleslaw/cabbage and mix well

Using egg wash on three corners of an egg roll wrapper, place 2-3 tbls of the chicken mixture in the center and roll tightly with the edges folded in (should look like an envelope)

Heat oil in a deep skillet on medium heat, fry in batches of 3 until just golden brown, drain on paper towels.

Plated with steamed brocolli, carrots, babay corn and sweet and sour sauce


Its amazing what one can accomplish when one doesn't know what one can't do!


Iron Chef IV-Chicken Thighs, Pears, Onions

Harvest Chicken
4 -Chicken Thighs- boneless
2 -Asian Pears
4 -Canadian Bacon slices
¼-cp Brandy
8oz-Brie-(room temp)
¼-cp chopped pecans
12-Bacon Slices
Salt Pepper
Olive Oil
Cube Pears, dice onion, marinade in brandy 1hr.
Add OOil to pan, sauté onion, pears, Canadian Bacon until pears are tender.

Add Brie and pecans, mix up with hands until you have a nice chunky goo.

Lay out thighs onto bacon jackets, fill with pear mixture.

Roll up and secure with toothpicks.

Smoke in Bradley 225 w/ pecan & apple for 1.5 hrs. continue 1 more hr. (2.5 hrs total)

Served hot over Fresh Spinach tossed with:
Warmed Balsamic Vinegar, honey, olive oil, S&P, pecans top with shave Manchego Cheese.


Hubby says these should be on the menu at Tom Douglas' restaurants in Seattle. Unique and AMAZING!!!


 Roasted Pear &  Caramelized Onion Chicken Sausage

2 ½ lbs chicken thighs
¼ lb fat back, diced
½ cup caramelized onion
½ cup roasted bosc pear
2 tbsp dried cranberries
½ tsp white pepper
1 tsp sage
¼ tsp cinnamon
¼ tsp ground ginger (fresh)
2 tsp salt
1 tsp pear infused vinegar
1 cup pear nectar boiled down to 1/2 cup, cool

click to enlarge

Roast pears & caramelize onions on grill, cool

click to enlarge

Grind chicken thigh, fat back, pears, onions & caramelized onions
Mix remaining ingredients together, pour on ground meat mixture & mix all together

click to enlarge

Stuff into casings or you could form into patties

Into Bradley for 40 minutes apple smoke

click to enlarge

Transfer to cast iron frying pan on grill to finish cooking



Chiles Relleno de Pollo Adovada y Picadillo

Chiles Stuffed with Chicken Marinated in Adobo and also stuffed with Minced Fruit and Vegetables

My goals:

1.  Cook 100% in the Bradley smoker, including all side dishes,
2.  Use all three Bradley Iron Chef ingredients in each dish; chicken thighs, onions, pears.
3.  Concoct a drink which includes the three ingredients.

Outcome: Complete success!  *************************  almost.
Every dish in the photo contains all three ingredients with the exception of the homemade tortilla (no ingredients) and the Dirty Margarita which contains only two of the ingredients.

All cooked ingredients were made in the Bradley with the exception of the tortillas, made on a comal, and the Poblano peppers which were blistered over an open flame on my grill.  The cream and balsamic vinegar were reduced on the range.

It was a very interesting exercise and a tasty one I might add.  I was very close to complete success in my goals to cook 100% in the Bradley and use all three ingredients in all of the meal's dishes.

The Stars of the Show

Supporting Cast (The Habaneros were not used but are a thank you to a Smoker we all know)

As I read the ingredient list for the first time, my mind wandered through several scenarios.  Suddenly, I thought I heard a light whisper but soon it grew into a loud, unruly screaming mob.  As the mob approached, I could hear each central group clearly.  The chicken thighs were insistent and rude as they moved forward with the nervous twitch of a chicken. Three varieties of pears were calm but pushy using their fat bellies to move forward.  The Bosc pear was haughty and spoke with a foreign accent. One variety of onion was sweet but the other tried to make me cry.  The three ingredients voiced their opinion to me loudly and shouted in a repeated chorus, "Chiles Relleno de Pollo y Picadillo, Chiles Relleno de Pollo y Picadillo" over and over again.  After several sleepless nights, I finally succumbed to their demands.  

Chiles Relleno means stuffed chiles, de Pollo means of Chicken and y Picadillo refers to a minced mixture of meat, vegetables and/or fruits.  The traditional chile used is the dark green wide shouldered Poblano named after the Mexican village of Puebla where the pepper was first grown.  It is a very mild chile.  It also is my favorite chile and it complements my soups, salsas, and sauces.  A common, special occasion recipe for the Relleno calls for cheese, onions, nuts, fruits and beef or pork.  When combined, this mixture is called picadillo.  I have substituted the beef with chicken Adovada which is chicken marinated in adobo sauce.  

Most only know of the Relleno as being fried in a batter or whipped egg whites.  I am a Relleno aficionado. Always searching for Relleno variants, I wandered into a little hole in the wall years ago and ordered a Relleno.  The restaurant was located in a West Texas town, population a few hundred, an easy drive to the border.   The taqueria was a small residential house and consisted of a dining room which used to be the living room.  The old Mexican lady still lived in the rest of the house and cooked out of her personal kitchen.  When the Relleno arrived at the table, it was not fried but instead baked and had spicy salsa gravy ladled over it.  One taste and I have never fried another Relleno.

The Bradley Relleno is stuffed with chicken thigh Adovada, sweated onions in butter, roasted tomatoes, Bartlett steam poached pears, Bosc fresh pears along with two cheeses, tequila soaked raisins, dried cranberries, fresh corn, olives, slivered almonds, juices from the rested chicken, cloves, garlic, cumin, sea salt and fresh ground pepper.  It is garnished with traditional pomegranate seeds and fresh basil.  The combination is an unbelievable burst of flavor in each mouthful and each bite is unique.  The Poblano pepper adds a beautiful mild but spicy flavor.  The Bradley imparts a hint of smoked flavor in the dish.  It is detected in the tomatoes and onions with a stronger yet mild apple smoke in the chicken.

The Salsa De Tomate Asado (roasted tomato salsa, photo on plate above) forms a colorful and flavorsome base for the Relleno.  It is made from onions, steam poached pears and broth from a simmered chicken thigh.  Cream and roasted tomatoes are pureed to form this smooth sauce.

A traditional Salsa Molcajete (a mortar and pestle (Tejolote) made from volcanic rock)  is made from tomatoes, onions, garlic, jalapenos, serranos, cilantro, lime juice and sweetened with pears.  Chicken thigh broth is used as the liquid. There is no substitute for the texture achieved in a Molcajete.  This salsa tops the Relleno.

This dish is served with frijoles negros or black beans.  Black beans are cooked with onions and chicken broth made from the thighs.  The chicken thigh juices and Adovada drippings of the chicken are caught in the simmering beans to increase the flavor.  In this photo the drippings are seen before being stirred. The beans are sweetened with caramelized pear puree which replaces molasses.

Guacamole is made in the Molcajete.  Continuing with the theme, it is prepared using caramelized pear puree, caramelized onions and chicken thigh broth.

A Caesar romaine salad is coated with a homemade Caesar dressing made with caramelized onions and chicken Adovada juices.  Intermingled with the salad is fresh shredded Bosc pear. It is topped with garlic croutons. This Mexican dish was originally created by Cesare Cardini in Tijuana, Mexico or across the border in San Diego (he had a restaurant in each city) and not named for Julius Caesar.

Jalapeno popper appetizers are stuffed with onions, Chicken Thigh Adovada and pear slices along with cream cheese and topped with bacon.  They are smoked in the Bradley while the frijoles negro are cooking and served over Salsa De Tomate Asado and Salsa Tomatillo.

Scratch made Texas flour tortillas, while not made with the star ingredients and are not cooked in the Bradley, are a necessity to Mexican cuisine.  Blue corn tortillas made from scratch starting with blue corn kernels are also available.  That is a another recipe story and adventure.

Choices of beverage are sun brewed tea, Negra Modela (crema de cerveza) and the signature drink, a Dirty Margarita.  The Margarita is made from top shelf tequila, contreau, sweet and sour, fresh lime juice, and olive juice.  It is garnished with pimento and poached pear stuffed olives and is shaken with pearl onions and poached pear puree.  The onions are added to the glass.  The chicken broth did not make the final cut in the drink during taste tests and using only a drop or two would be unethical.  I thought about using the bone as a skewer or stir stick but it looked like something a cannibal might concoct.  It is served in a martini glass because it has several aspects of the martini and this meal deserves a more sophisticated service.



All is quiet now.  The mob has stopped screaming.  They have been silenced.  They have been chopped, smoked, pureed, pulverized, shredded, shaken, sauced, and so much more. They have been the stars in several dishes and a drink.  Their shrill voices can no longer be heard.  In fact, they have been eaten.  I am going to pull my sombrero over my eyes and go to sleep.  I'm tired and I feel like a Pachanga Relleno --- stuffed.

Good luck and slow smoking,


The Recipes and Preparation Photos

The night before, wash, pick through and soak the beans covered by three inches of water.  Rough chop one large onion and four chicken thighs.  Put in a large lidded oven proof pot with half a gallon of water.  Place in the Bradley lid on, turn the heat to high.  Leave overnight.  The next morning, strain the broth.

Close up of frijoles with chicken thigh adobada drippings. This left the frijoles with an unbelievable flavor.

Frijoles Negros (Black Beans)

1 Lb dried pinto beans or black beans
eight slices bacon cut in four pieces per slice
4 Cloves fresh minced Garlic (preferably sautéed or caramelized add 6)
pinch of Epozote or Epozote tea (optional)
½ minced sweet yellow onion
1/4  bottle of dark  beer
2 Tablespoons pear puree (which replaces ½ Tablespoon Molasses)
Fresh cracked pepper and sea salt to taste
Chicken thigh stock
2 Hatch peppers, roasted, skinned seeded and chopped  (optional)
Chicken Adovada drippings (the Adovada replaces 2 Tablespoons Ancho powder)

Strain the beans and place in ovenproof pot.  Put all other ingredients in the pot except the garlic and pear puree which are to be stirred in after they are caramelized and pureed and salt which will be added near the end of cooking to taste.  Add some pepper now and more to taste later.  Cover with chicken thigh stock to ½ inch above beans.  Add dark beer.  Stir.  Place in Bradley on bottom shelf on high temperature.  Check occasionally and add more stock or beer as necessary.  Cook until beans are soft.

Chile Relleno de Pollo y Picadillo (Chicken and Minced Fruit and Vegetable Stuffed

8 large fresh Poblano Chiles blistered, peeled, seeded
4 pounds smoked shredded and cubed chicken thighs marinated in Adobo sauce
1 chopped sweet yellow onion sweated in butter
1 Bartlett pear steam poached
1 Bosc pear chopped

3 cloves caramelized garlic
10 pepper corns
5 whole cloves
1/2 teaspoon ground cumin (more to taste)
½ teaspoon cinnamon divided
3 Tablespoons tequila soaked raisins
3 Tablespoons dried cranberries
2 Tablespoons slivered almonds
1 1/2  pounds caramelized cherry tomatoes
1 ear fresh corn kernels cut from cob
3 Tablespoons Spanish olives stuffed with pimentos chopped (optional)
8 strips Asadero or other mild melting cheese
8 strips sharp cheddar cheese or other cheese to taste
Sea salt to taste.

Coat the chicken thighs in adobo chile sauce (recipe below).  Marinate for four hours to over night.  Place in Bradley directly over black beans to catch the drippings.   Place three pears in pan with ½ inch water on top shelf of Bradley.  Place tomatoes, onions with butter, garlic, and peppers (peppers for use in later recipes) between chicken and pears.   Cook chicken to 160 degrees internal temperature using apple smoke.  Shred and chop cooled meat.  Cook onions to clear and tomatoes to soft and skin loosening.  Combine chicken with other ingredients except cheese and pour any juices that have developed over mixture. Check for seasoning. Add more cumin to taste.  

Monitor the Chicken and remove at 160 degrees F.  Chop when cooled.

Chop the pears poached in the Bradley.

Chopped pears poached in the Bradley.

Chop the raw Bosc pear.  This layers the flavor.

Mix the chopped smoked chicken thigh, raw and cooked pears, sweated onions, almonds, corn, tequila soaked raisins, dried cranberries, olives, spices and seasonings to make the picadillo.

Blister each Poblano over an open flame.  Blister quickly so as not to cook Poblano.  It should remain firm and colorful.

Place in a paper sack when blistered or wrap in a moist paper towel.  

After sitting for five minutes, remove the blistered skin.

Cut a slit long ways into the chile.  Near the shoulder of the pepper, cut through the chile perpendicular to the first cut.  Unfold the chile flesh and remove seed pod and vein.  

Fill with the picadillo mixture and insert a stick of each cheese into the center mass.  Place in the Bradley at high temperature until cheese melts and interior is hot, approximately 160 degrees F.

Adobo Chile Sauce

12 dry New Mexico Chile pods
3 or 4 Ancho Chiles
3 cloves garlic minced or through a press
1 teaspoon Mexican oregano leaves (Mediterranean can be substituted)
1/2 teaspoon cumin seed lightly toasted in butter
2 bay leaves
sea salt
1 Tablespoon vinegar
½ yellow onion finely diced and caramelized in butter
3 cups Chicken Thigh Broth

Dust off the chilies with a damp rag or wash quickly under running water.  Roast in the oven or in a heavy skillet until they soften and start to turn color (3 or 4 minutes), turning to prevent scorching.  Remove the stems and seeds.  Place in a sauce pan with two cups of the chicken broth and the bay leaves.  Gently simmer in the Bradley for 10 to 15 minutes.  When cooled somewhat, place in food processor with the cooled simmering liquid and the remaining ingredients while reserving one cup of the chicken thigh stock.  Puree to a smooth paste.  Add some of the remaining chicken stock as needed to produce the paste.  Season with salt and pepper and pulse to mix.  Run the sauce through a food mill or strainer to remove any solids.  The product will be a smooth paste.  

Serve over

Salsa  De Tomate Asado (roasted tomato salsa)

¼ cup Chicken Thigh Stock
1 medium-size onion minced and sweated until clear
2 Tablespoons Steam Poached Bartlett Pear

1 ½ cups heavy cream
2 bay leaves
8 large caramelized garlic cloves
2 lbs. cherry tomatoes roasted
1 Serrano Chile roasted, seeded and deveined (substitute milder jalapeno or 1 Tb Poblano as desired)
sea salt
fresh ground pepper
½ cup Balsamic vinegar.

Place bay leaves in cream in a side pan.  Reduce the cream to one cup.  Set aside.  

Roast the tomatoes, garlic, pepper and onion in the Bradley.  Steam Poach the Pear in the Bradley.  

Puree the tomatoes, garlic, pepper, onion and pear in a food blender or use a stick blender.  Add reduced cream.  Blend.  

Thin with Chicken Stock to a consistency that will heavily coat a spoon.  Season with salt and pepper.   Reduce the Balsamic vinegar to a syrup and set aside.

To serve, spoon a large thick circle of Salsa  De Tomate Asado on a plate.  Drizzle reduced Balsamic vinegar across the circle.  Place Chile Relleno de Pollo y Picadillo in center of circle.  Garnish with chopped parsley or basil and pomegranate seeds.  Serve with Salsa Molcajete (recipe below) or Salsa Cruda on the side for a topping.

Salsa Molcajete
1/8 cup Chicken Thigh Stock
1/2 medium-size onion minced and sweated until clear
2 Tablespoons Steam Poached Bartlett Pear

1 pound roasted tomatoes
fresh cilantro leaves to taste  (about ¼ cup)
6 cloves caramelized garlic
1 serrano chile roasted, seeded and deveined  or substitute jalapeno
juice from ½ ime
sea salt to taste
fresh ground pepper to taste

Place pear, garlic, onion, cilantro and chile in Molcajete.  Sprinkle salt on top.  Grind to a paste.  Add tomatoes and crush.  Add lime juice and pepper to taste.  Mix thoroughly.  Thin with chicken stock to desired consistency.

Caesar Salad

1 tablespoon Chicken Stock
1 tablespoon minced carmelized onion
shredded Bosc Pear

¼ cup fresh squeezed lime juice with some pulp
1 large egg (room temperature)
1 large egg yolk (room temperature)
6 oil packed anchovy filets
3 cloves garlic minced or pressed
1 Tbsp Worcestershire Sauce
1 Tbsp Dijon mustard
½ tsp sea salt
1 tsp fresh ground pepper
3/4 cup corn oil
1-1/4 cup olive oil
1/3 cup fresh grated Parmigiano  Reggiano (Pecorino Romano as a substitute)

Finishing ingredients:

Romaine Lettuce
Fresh grated Parmigiano Reggiano
½ lime
fresh ground pepper

Food processor with anchovy filets, mustard and other ingredients ready for processing.

If you forgot to get your eggs out early, place them in a cup of hot water for a few minutes.  Place all ingredients, except the oil pear and cheese, in a food processor.  Pulse two or three times to grind and mix until smooth.  Measure the oil into a two cup measuring container with a pour spout so they are combined.  Turn processor on and add the oil in a steady stream.  The mixture will thicken.  Stop the processor.  Add cheese.  Pulse two or three times to just mix or you can fold the cheese into mixture.  Refrigerate in a covered container.  Just before serving, dollop over Romaine Lettuce and toss.  Just coat the leaves.  Add a little at a time to desired taste.  Add croutons and shredded pear and toss.  Add fresh ground or cracked pepper and drizzle with lime juice if desired.  Serve immediately with additional croutons and fresh grated Parmigiano  Reggiano on the table.  

Jalapeno Poppers

Chicken thigh Adovada
minced onion.
Red Bartlett Pear, skin removed, and cut into thin strips the size of the jalapeno

Jalapenos sliced in half long ways, seeded and deveined and stem removed
Cream cheese at room temperature
Bacon cut into three pieces
Old Bay Seasoning or Tony Chachere Seasoning

Sparingly sprinkle onions in the jalapeno cavity.  Cover with cream cheese.  Season.  Push the chicken pieces into the cheese.  Top with pear slice.  Top with bacon.  Arrange in a cast iron skillet and smoke in Bradley on high temperature until bacon is cooked through.  Serve one to a plate over Salsa De Tomate Asado and Salsa Tomatillo.

Guacamole Molcajete

Two tablespoons Chicken Stock
Two Tablespoons Steam Poached Pear
Three Tablespoons Sweated Onions

Salsa Molcajete
two cloves roasted garlic
1 serrano chile roasted, seeded and deveined  or substitute Jalapeno
fresh cilantro leaves to taste  (about ¼ cup)
juice from 1/2 lime
fresh ground black pepper to taste
splash of Tequila
4 ripe Hass avocados
sea salt to taste
fresh ground pepper to taste
chopped fresh tomatoes

Place the pear, onion, garlic, cilantro and chile in the Mocajete.  

Salt and then grind to a paste.  

Add seeded and skinned avocados and gently crush.  Add lime juice, ½ of the chicken stock and tequila.  Fold gently to incorporate all ingredients.  Season with pepper and salt to taste and add additional chicken stock to desired consistency.  Top with fresh tomatoes and Salsa Molcajete.

Texas Flour Tortillas

1 cup cake flour (I use Swans Down) or substitute one cup whole wheat for a more rustic tortilla
1 cup All Purpose Flour (I use King Arthur) or use two cups if cake flour is unavailable
White Lily or Martha White flours are better than using all King Arthur
1 ½ teaspoons baking powder
1 ½ teaspoons fine sea salt
1 Tablespoon homemade lard or bacon drippings or substitute Canola oil
2 Tablespoons unsalted butter (not margarine)
¾ cup warm milk

Mix all of the dry ingredients together with a whisk or fork  a large bowl.  Melt the butter and lard in the warm milk on the stove top or in the microwave.  Make a well in the flour and slowly stream in the oil and milk while stirring the flour to incorporate.  When a ball forms and stirring becomes hard start using your hands to role the ball in a circle.  Do not add all of the liquid at this time.  Knead the dough for a less than a minute.  Add more liquid until a sticky ball is formed, kneading to incorporate but knead for less than two minutes to minimize the gluten development.  When you have a very sticky, almost unmanageable ball, cover with a moist towel for at least 20 minutes to rest.  Throw a little bench flour onto the ball to make it easy to handle forming a smooth ball.  

Squeeze a little of the dough between the index finger and the thumb and pinch off a ball a little smaller than a golf ball – about the size of a ping pong ball.  Add a little flour as needed for handling.  You should get ten to twelve balls or testales.  Place each back in the bowl and cover with a wet towel for at least 20 minutes.  We are trying to handle the dough as little as possible to make a tortilla that is not tough and chewy due to gluten development.  The two resting periods give the gluten a chance to relax.  

Roll the balls out (using a traditional pin about 1 ¼ inches by 14 inches that is not tapered) to a 7 to 6 ½ inch circle or par bake in an electric tortilladora press for about three seconds, rotate 180 degrees, press for 2 or three more seconds to make a larger tortilla and then cook on a comal on medium heat for about 30 seconds, flip for anther 30 seconds.  

The tortilla should puff slightly.  Flip again for 30 seconds.  The tortilla should fluff into a ball and have tan flecks on both sides.  Lightly patting with a spatula will help the tortilla to puff but don't smash or try to flatten with the spatula.  Adjust heat to achieve the above action.


Sun brewed tea
Negra Modela Cervaza
Dirty Margarita

Ricardo Dos Dirty Margarita.  This recipe comes form my son who is named for me and it is modified to include the Iron Chef ingredients.  After twenty years of education and several degrees; one in Finance, a Masters in Accounting and a law degree from Chicago Law, he is finally finished with school.  If he didn't learn anything else, this drink proves he received something for his time.  This is actually has some aspects of a martini but try it and you will be well pleased.  

1 teaspoon roasted pear puree
2 green olives stuffed with pimentos and pear
2 pickled pearl onions
1 shot tequila (Sauza Hornitos or equal)
1 shot orange liqueur (Patron Citronge, contreau, triple sec, etc)
½ shot fresh squeezed lime juice
½ shot sweet & sour
1 teaspoon green olive juice
kosher salt
Margarita glass

Sprinkle a little Kosher salt on a flat plate.  Slit a wedge of lime with a knife.  Place the slit on a Margarita glass rim and wet the rim of the glass with the lime juice.  Invert the glass and rotate on the salt until coated – usually one fourth to half the rim is enough.  Pour the other ingredients into a shaker except olives.   Shake together, with ice, and strain into the glass with the kosher-salted rim.  Add olives and onions.

Good luck to all and savor the experience.  Life is not the destination, it is the road to it.



Chicken, Pear and Onion Salad

Serves 4.

- 6 boneless, skinless chicken thighs
- 1 bosc pear, cored and cut in 8 wedges, smoked
- 1/4 large red onion
- 1 stalk of celery
- Handful of cranberries, smoked and dried
- Cup of raw almonds, smoked
- S&P, Mayo, green curly leaf lettuce
- Bradley smoker
- Hungry guests

Set up the smoker for 2 hours of hickory, cold smoked.

The cranberries, almonds and pears go in.  The pears get a light sprinkle of Chipotle powder.  The "dehydrator" rack was made with a piece of old screen I cut up.

The pears come out at 1:20.  The almonds come out at 2:00.  The SG goes off and cabinet heat goes on.  The cranberries stay in overnight at about 140.

The basic smoked almond recipe is here:  I cut down the amounts because I wasn't doing a bunch, but kept the cayenne up there.

This is the mix before adding the oil.

Add the oil, mix the almonds in, spread 'em out on parchment and bake for 10-12 minutes.  They're done.

I had to beat people off with a stick so that enough was left for the recipe.  ;D

After the cranberries were done, 8 chicken thighs ready to go into the smoker.  Only S&P.  Temp of 200-230, 1:40 apple, cook until done, about 3 hours.  Yes, vent wide open.

The thighs come out.  Boy, they shrunk a lot.

Finally, get everything ready for a rough chop.

Everybody into the bowl.

Add some Mayo, S&P and toss.

Plate on lettuce, garnished with a smoked pear wedge, smoked spiced almonds and smoked dried cranberries.

-- Arnie

Where there's smoke, there's food.








Bacon is the Crack Cocaine of the Food World.

Be careful about calling yourself and EXPERT! An ex is a has-been, and a spurt is a drip under pressure!


Congratulations Pachanga you are the winner of Iron Chef Bradley IV!!!!
Bacon is the Crack Cocaine of the Food World.

Be careful about calling yourself and EXPERT! An ex is a has-been, and a spurt is a drip under pressure!

Habanero Smoker


Congratulations. Very well done, great recipes and I liked the way you utilized the Bradley.

The other entries gave you some tough competition.



Congratulations Pachanga!

Everyone - job well done.
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Way to go Pachanga!  Huge amount of labor and great looking results.

BTW, you can never enter again!  :D



Congratulations Pachange!
Great food and I loved reading your entry very much  :)

Everyone did an awesome job and thanks to everyone that took the time to vote.
Thanks 10.5 for putting on this show  :)


Congratulations Pachanga.  Thanks to everyone that participated; some great looking food.  Many thanks to 10.5 for running the ICB.
-- Arnie

Where there's smoke, there's food.

Brad Stab

Congratulations Pachanga,

What a thrill to see all these amazing recipes using the Bradley.
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