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Started by Dirt Clod, June 25, 2011, 01:53:41 AM

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Dirt Clod

Put two butts in the smoker yesterday. When I went to bed they were at about 160 IT. Get up this morning to check them and the smoker is off. I forgot to rest the timer. The smoker temp is at 105 and the two butts are at 132 IT. Will they be ok to eat if I  the turn the smoker heat element back on and finish cooking them or should I cut my loses? Thanks


I believe someone posted on here not to long ago that pork don't need to be cooked much higher than 160F IT so if it was me I would drop that sucker in a tin foil pan with some apple juice cover and reheat it in the oven than see if it will pull. It will probably be so tender it will just fall apart, but thats just me and i'm sure others might have some better suggestions.


i think in this case it is not the temp that they reach but how long they were in the danger zone (40* -140*). I would think that when you last left them at 160 and they only dropped to 132, that they were not in the zone that long relatively speaking. Me I would do as devo said and reheat them to 190 -195, FTC and pull. Others will say "when in doubt throw it out". But in this case I would take the chance, you must make your own decision though.
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I think you're good to go on the reheat. I would move them to your house oven, place them on a rack in a roasting pan and bring the IT up to around 195 or so.


I agree, if they only dropped to 132f then the smoker was not off for very long. I would go for it if it was mine no problem.
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If the **IT** dropped to 132, the smoker temp probably went way low.
That probably put the surface area in the danger zone for quite a while.

If you moved to oven, a short time on HIGH might be in order to be safe.
You want to be certain you killed any bacteria that formed on the surface.

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Dirt Clod

Finshed cooking them and no one got sick. So all is good, so was the pork ;D


Dirt Clod... Really glad to hear that everything worked out well for you..and that the pork was good..
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