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Started by Brian B, November 18, 2009, 07:46:45 AM

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Brian B

Just wanted to get feed back from everyone about their favorate recipe:


I can give you pages and pages of favorite recipes - anything in particular you are looking for?  I don't think I could narrow all my favorites down to just ONE favorite!   ;D ;D
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AS I have stated before if ask what my favorite thing to cook was, It was what I cooked yesterday.


Since you asked...

Most people that have never heard of this think it sounds awful...
My wife thought it sounded so bad, it took me years just to get her to try it.
But, uhhh... ask her about it now.

It's simple, rib-sticking food.  The kind you eat a bite...  
Then do the "hmmm" thing, and start gobbling like your momma never taught you how to hold a fork.

I don't have it written down, but anyhow, here's how you do it...

Start enough plain old white rice for two.

Fry 4 slices of bacon (regular thin stuff).

While it's sizzling, open a can (standard size - 15oz?) of whole tomatoes and dump it in a small mixing bowl.
With your hand, repeatedly squeeze the tomatoes through your fingers
(under fluid level so you don't explode them on the Mrs's stuff)
Squeeze through fingers until all is as squished as fingers can do.
And, NO - don't substitute chopped/whatever.. use whole tomatoes.
Do it like I'm sayin'.. Ok?

When they're squished good, add salt and black pepper to taste.
Don't get fancy - just salt and pepper.

When the bacon is good and crisp, set on paper towels to drain.

Now, add a spoon of flour to the bacon grease - enough to make it a thin-medium consistency "roux"...
Not real thin - maybe medium - just not thick.

You don't have to "cook" it a while... just get the flour worked in.

Now, stir in the "squished" tomatoes, and then crumble the cooked bacon into the mix.
Stir well.

Pour sauce over hot white rice.  No sides.  It's a meal.


SquirtTheCat saw this post, and said I should add this note (he snipped it from an email I sent him about how to make this in 2004 - yeah - he's THAT ORGANIZED)

This is simple to do, but the right ratio of roux to tomatoes is important.  Ideally, the tomato
gravy will NOT be bright red-looking or just taste like plain tomatoes - but also it should not be overly 
thick and gummy - the roux gives it its great flavor, but you don't want to over-do it.  It should 
be an off-red color - somewhat orange-ish.

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