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Started by Eat This, March 12, 2005, 05:26:08 AM

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Eat This

ok so this is not original. I saw it on Bobby Flay lasy night. (food network). His entire show was about side items and these BBQ beans sounded awesome and wondered if anyone had tried them. Here is a quick version of what they did:

placed beans,bacon,BBQ sauce in a metal baking pan.
placed beans on the bottom shelf the entire time of cooking Brisket and Ribs. They cooked just as long as the meat but caught ALL of the drippings from the ribs and Brisket. After they pulled out the meat the guy chopped up the "dryer" end of the Brisket and put it in the beans. Anyone tried this?


Eat This, welcome to the forum!!!! what kind of smoker was bobby useing? was the beans cooked first or does he start off with raw soaked beans? sounds interesting that big pan of beans on the bottom will  add alot of time to your cook time, if you were to try this i would do this with your over night smokes , it might add 4 to 5 hours to your cooktime,



I posed this same question to BigSmoker last week.  I have always wondered about the same thing.  However he did give me a short recipe for smoked onions and garlic to add to some baked beans that are finished in the oven.  EVEN as we speak the onions and garlic are smoking.  I will be doing my own thing on this and will be posting the recipe and out come of this off handed adventure.  I will be doing some things different like adding some small jalepenos that I am smoking also and will be using real maple sugar.  So it will be off the cuff and I will try and measure what I put in it.

Now lets get down to this Bobby Flay thing.  Having a Long Island New Yorker host a show about BBQ is like having Snoop Dog fill in for Martha Stewart OR letting Sylvester Stalone do the Mr. Roberts neihborhood in my opion.  Now I do like FOOD NATION but BBQ let that guy east stuffed Cumquats over brazed chump steak....


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