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Started by classicrockgriller, December 15, 2009, 01:37:05 PM

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Ka Honu

Is it just me or do almost all rubs and seasoning blends seem to be mostly salt these days?  I can't seem to find many commercial rubs or blends that don't have so much salt in them that it seems to overpower the other ingredients.  I like salt and I'm certainly no "health freak" but I've started to do my own blends and rubs using "copycat" or other peoples recipes and usually omit all or most of the salt.  I tend to like the taste better and I can use it after brining.


Probably because salt is dirt cheap and plentiful..  They can 'trick' it to taste like other stuff with the application of smoke, chemicals, etc.

Going slightly OT...  But speaking of no salt, I really like the new Mrs Dash 'garlic & herb' blend. It has a real nice punch.


Ooohhhh..   Hickory Smoked Mrs Dash!