What Is a PID controller

Started by jjeyrock, January 02, 2010, 07:23:07 AM

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I'm thinking of getting an OBS from cabelas. And I read couple of their reviews. A couple of them said to get one of these. But I don't know alot about smokers yet. I what to keep it simple as possible in case I need my wife to run it for awhile. And where would I get a PID. I live in michigan So It can get pretty cold. And is it hard to put one of this in.

Thanks Jason


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A ,ot of people use the Auber PID. Here's a link to it. Auber PID

It's plug and play, very easy to hook up and use.

Check out the recipe site to. Old's Place


Here's the link to purchase, I don't own one yet, but I've heard they are extremely easy to install, and only slightly more complicated to run. I'm waiting for their next new model before I purchase one.

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A PID is a temperature control device. It does not help with cold-weather operations.

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You don't need a PID, but they sure are nice. 
I've had mine for a year, and feel it is money very well spent. 
The power cord to the heating element plugs into the PID.  The PID switches the power on and off to the heating element as needed (when holding temp, about every 10-60 seconds) to hold the temp w/in about 1 degree.  Think of it as a smart, and highly accurate thermometer. 
You can buy the fully assembled, ready to use one from Auber (thats what I did), or if you are mechanically/electrically blessed, you can buy the parts and follow guidance in this thread:
Yes your wife can run it--its easy.  If you have already set the temp into the PID, turning it on is all thats required. 
Go ahead and get the smoker, you'll be glad you did.  Then keep reading/posting here, and you'll be an expert in no time.   As you see fit, you can add a PID, and other stuff to make smoking easier.
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I see you are looking at buying an OBS, I purchased mine from www.walmart.com at a much better price and if you do the "Site to Store " shipping, the shipping is free. They also have bisquettes and some accessories.

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I have the auber pid, and the only real reason I wanted it is cause I didn't want to fiddle around with the original temp slider trying to get a steady temp where I needed it. Now I just slide the slider all the way right (up), and set the PID to the temp I want and it does the rest, super easy to use and hook up.

Now I just need a good box to store all my tools for the OBS.

Get the OBS you won't regret it if you love smoked foods like pulled pork, ribs, etc..


Quote from: drano on January 02, 2010, 06:10:37 PM
You don't need a PID, but they sure are nice. 
Yes your wife can run it--its easy.  If you have already set the temp into the PID, turning it on is all thats required. 

Whoa!  NEVER tell your wife it's easy.  You have electrical connections, brining/curing/rubs.  You need precise temperature calibration and timing.  You're sacrificing for your family.  You're working here!

Or, on the other hand, show her how to do it.  Then sit back with a tall cool one, watch a game and wait for dinner.  ;D ;D
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