Maverick E-7 modification

Started by canyonman, January 11, 2010, 05:32:22 AM

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I added an antenna to my receiver and transmitter and boy what a difference. Here is the link with the directions I followed.  A Big thanks to Klondikesmoker.     
     One thing he did not mention was how you should position the antenna on the transmitter.  Interesting to note I spoke with a gentleman the other day who said he used to install radio equipment on air planes.  He seemed to know a good deal about transmitters and recievers so I asked him "what position should the antenna be that is coming out of a transmitter".  He stated it should either be straight up or straight down.  I tried straight up and got poor results.  Then I just let the antenna hang straight down in front of my Bradley cabinet door.  That did it.  Now my reception is quite good.  I don't know if it is because the Bradley door is facing my house and maybe concentrating the signal or because it is pointed downward but it works.  Hope that helps anyone else that dose the Modification.
       This guy also stated that the manufacture of the Maverick has to conform to FCC laws and therefore is restricted to the amount of transmitting distance they can put in there product.  This might help to explain why there distance is so limited.  I know they claim 100 feet but that is in a perfect environment which none of us have at our house.