ET 73 vs Auber PID

Started by backwoodsbob, January 20, 2010, 02:12:30 PM

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I just ordered my new OBS from Amazon. Should have it in a week or so. I'm planning on making lots of sausage & sticks on top of the usual suspects with the OBS. After much reading here I know I will need a PID for the sausage. When I first started reading here the ET 73 was the recommended PID. I've been off for a time but came back now that I finally ordered. Now all I see is about the Auber. Considering the cost of one vs the other, which is better for sausage and general smoking & cooking.


Those devices do 2 different things.

The ET-73 allows you to monitor the temps of the smoker and the food. It does NOT control the smoker.

The Auber 2-probe PID will monitor the temp of the smoker and keep it at a desired temp. It will also monitor the temp of your food and react accordingly.
For example - keep smoker @205F until Meat IT is 200F, then keep smoker temp @180F for x hours.

In reality, you want both. The PID does not have a remote display that you can keep in the house.
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oh, ok. I thought the et 73 controlled it also. I thought I remembered something that you could plug the heater in that would control the temp also.