would this work in my garage and vent ok?

Started by SmokinDuramax, January 20, 2010, 03:58:49 PM

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Was going 2 put the dbs by a window and get a 4in plastic pipe with a 90 elbow and run it through the window? Put a piece of foam insulation in the window with a hole in it! what do u guys think? was going 2 use 4 in the maybe reduce 2 1 1/2 or 2 inch!Let me know what u think. Thanks


Sduramax,  The first time a used  my OBS was in my garage.  I just had it sitting below the window with it open about half way,  Was not too bad for smoke in garage but was not that great.
I went to the store and bought some 4" flexible alum. vent pipe.  I just set it over the vent, not tight on it then bent it out the window.  Then I cut cardboard(OBS box actually) to fill the gap in window.  Worked great, you can twist pipe to exit smoke with wind direction.  Next time I think I am going to get some foam insulation as you thought to fill the window, just a little more permanent than cardboard(although it worked just fine).  Hope this helps ya out.

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Sounds like it should work Duramax. But Me I just let the smoke roll and crack the door open. Hickory smells better than normal garage smells anyhow.
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If I remember right there was a post earlier where a 90 degree elbow was used and it was backing up the smoke into the generator. I'm not sure if that was the root cause or not, but I think it was for a propane burner anyhow.
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You could be right on that! I might us a 22 or a45 elbow instead! Thanks


IIRC, there was a moisture problem when using a fairly long vertical run of pipe/duct.  When the duct is cold, moisture from the smoker will condense on the inside of the duct and then run back down to the smoker - not good.  That assumes the duct is cold.  Insulating the duct may help.  Just my $0.02.
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Can you use one of those 4" inline duct fans and not sit the pipe directly on top of the smoker but about 6" above it. Kind of like a mini range hood.


I was kickin this around before I made my hood.

Take a 6" to 4" reducer put legs on it so it sits an inch above the smoker then put on a 4" 90 deg then a pusher fan for 4" duct after the fan put a piece of 4" duct to make it out side then put on a dryer vent flapper thing to keep the wind and critters out when not in use.

Good luck and let us know what you come up with.


here is my set up.  6 inch reducer to 4 inches, 4 inch inline duct fan, reduced to 3 inch then out the wall.  The six inch reducer just rests on the top of the smoker.  I have checked and it doesn't draw excess heat or smoke out.  I did have to use some spray truck bed liner to seal up the pipe as I didn't like the smoke in the garage. 



That looks simple yet effective klondikesmoker.  I don't even have my Cabinet finished for my Bradley yet but am already thinking of how mice it would be to move the whole works inside to the garage.  Right now I store my bisquettes in the garage, then have to go out on the deck to the smoker, and since the wife doesn't let me wear shoes on the kitchen floor that means I have to take my shoes off and put them on twice each time.  Not dealing with the snow, the cold, the wind, having the smoker at normal height instead of on the ground, I'm beginning to like that idea a lot!