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Started by shortimer, April 06, 2005, 04:14:36 PM

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I have noticed that there is a variation in the screen size used in various postings. I use 800 x 600 but some postings seem to be 1024 x 768 or larger. Is there a preferred size to use so I don't offend anyone here. On my system the larger sizes require constant horizontal scrolling to read and is rather annoying. Just asking.

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The best resolution for individual use will depend on your system - graphics card and monitor. On one system I use 1024x768 with a 17" monitor. On another system I use 1152x864 on a 19" monitor. At those resolutions, the same thing you are referring to happens. A few pages scroll off the screen, mostly due to large graphics being posted.

Olds will be able to explain this in more detail.



I use a 18"LCD (ViewSonic VG181b) and I have the resolution set at 1280 x 1024.  Almost never use the whole screen for IE viewing.


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