Cabela's Maple/Jalapeno Seasoning

Started by Caribou, February 01, 2010, 07:01:07 AM

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I was at Cabela's this week and picked this up.

They had a product display with open containers that you could taste and we really liked this one.
We used it on chicken but I think it would be great mixed with ground pork for a breakfast sausage.
It has sugar, salt, maple, butter, herbs, jalapeno, paprika
It says it's low sodium and contains no MSG.
Good stuff  :)


I bet that would be good mixed in some breakfast sausage. I would do it right before you made the patties and fried them up. I don't think I would stuff them with the seasoning in it.
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yeah, I was thinking going with patties, too.
Just make them as you need them  :)


Its nice to see packed spices without MSG  :P


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is that an in store item only?
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