Malabar Black Pepper

Started by classicrockgriller, February 06, 2010, 11:18:59 AM

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Got this at Sam's.

Made by "Spice Island"

Says " from Malabar, India and considered some of the World's finest, Highly aromatic".

It smells awesome.



You going to put it one of these???

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Up In Smoke

I just got some mixed peppercorns from India yesterday.
Gonna use them on my next pastrami roast.
That is cool CRG, curious if there is much difference in the taste?
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UIS to me there was alot of difference.

At first I really didn't like the smell, but I tasted some of it.

Got it on a Sirloin roast will know in a cple hours.


Been using Malabar pepper for 2 years now as my "utility" pepper and won't even consider going back to what I used to use. Highly aromatic and flavorful and goes in EVERYTHING I make that benefits from black pepper...even better when purchased whole and ground as needed...great choice, CRG!


This was pre ground fine, but I will look for the peppercorns.


Other than Yard and Pool, and Frisco Spices, what are some of the better sources of supply for spices and "things we can't live without?"


Rick, look on the recipe site at "approved Vendors"

there are several spice companies listed there.

I know Penzey spices is one of them.


love the smoke




Thanks for the link.  I'll check it out.


That is good pepper.

I get whole peppercorns from Penzeys.


Speaking of pepper and Sam's Club...

I regularly use a "restaurant grind" from GFS, which is not chunky like cracked, but not ground up to dust (fairly course)...
I was thinking about getting some good peppercorns and grinding as needed so it's fresher..
Anyhow, Sam's has a small coffee grinder that is adjustable from something like very fine to coarse.
It's $29

Wonder how well that would work?
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