2 Mavericks - Will they transmit correctly?

Started by oakrdrzfan, February 12, 2010, 01:58:25 PM

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I have the ET73 and just ordered the RediCheck remote Maverick.  Does anyone else have 2 Mavericks and do the 2 different types transmit on differing frequencies so they don't interfere with each other?

Didnt think of this until after i ordered them.


I run my ET-73 and older Maverick RediCheck side-by-side without a problem.

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I believe Mike (Mr. Walleye) posted that he has two ET-73 and they interfere with each other. Also they don't have a switch to change channels. But it does not interfere with their other models, so each model must be on a separate channel. My ET-73 does not interfere with my ET-7.


Mr Walleye

Yup... The ET73's will interfere with each other. Habs has you pointed in the right direction... Use an ET73 and an ET7 as they operate on different frequencies.

The ET7 operates on 433.92 MhZ.

The ET73 operates on ??   ???

For some reason the company web site, instruction sheet, and packaging doesn't say what frequency the ET73 transmits at... That's kinda odd.

Unless of course... I'm blind this morning.  :D


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Mr Walleye

Hey Squirt

Good find!

According to that the ET73 operates at 433.81 MhZ. Not much difference in the frequency. I know from setting up boat electronics you usually need a little wider gap in frequency for running multiple depth finders/ transducers so they don't interfere with each other.

Although the frequency gap isn't much, it must be enough because Habs has both and his don't interfere with each other.


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