Cold smoke in new P 10

Started by gizy-CA, June 27, 2020, 05:16:38 PM

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Hi..I just bought a new Bradley P10 smoker. My question is if anyone try to cold smoke in this smoker.Any tricks you can share.
Thank you.

Habanero Smoker

Since you can not offset the generator, the only things you can do is to cold smoke during the cooler parts of the days such as early morning, late evening, or night. Keep the smoker out of direct sunlight. Also even doing these things, you may have to add ice to keep the temperature down. If you use ice, do not put loose ice on the trays, always have the ice in some type of leakproof container.



From a personal perspective and as someone who predominantly cold smokes I would be intrigued to know how P10 owners are able to cold smoke given its design? Even the company P10 cold smoke instructions are not consistent with safe cold smoking temperatures in my opinion but I would be liked to be proved wrong!? Perhaps the odd day at best?  ;)

cathouse willy

The easiest way around the cold smoke problem is to use one of the after market smoking tubes or trays,they're cheap and effective and produce little heat. There are several members here who use them in place of the Bradley smoke gen and pucks. They have good things to say about them.


but many complain that they have a problem with smothering smoke because of lack of oxygen.