Do you need the cold smoke adapter to do cheese?

Started by waynerto, August 07, 2020, 09:29:52 AM

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I want to try smoking some cheese.  Do I have to buy the cold smoke adapter, or can I just use the smoker without the oven and put a bowl of ice water in the bottom?

Habanero Smoker

The adapter, or finding another way to offset the generator would be best, but it can be done by placing ice in the smoker. Make sure the ice is in some type of container, like a bowl or pan. Block ice works better than ice cube, and I would skip the water.

Cold smoke during the cooler part of the day; early morning or later in the evening. Placing the ice on the top shelve, to the far right may work better then placing it on the bottom. But it is something that you will need to experiment with to find out what works best. If you place the ice above the food place a few sheets of paper towels under the container that contains the ice. That will prevent condensation from dripping down on your food.



I take my smoke generator off and set it on the floor then run a dryer hose from a cardboard box around the burner of the smoke generator up to the smoker where the generator usually sits and just use the heat from the generator to burn the pucks. If it still gets around 90 degree then I put ice in smoker.


Unless you are willing to wait for fall/winter, the adapter, or something similar you can come up with is a good choice. Ice in a bowl will slow the temperature rise, but only for so long. This time of year I don't smoke cheese as the temperature here in Pa. even at night, combined with the heat from the hot plate is too high. I bought the adapter, but didn't care for the results. I think I'd need to raise the Bradley somewhat off the floor for the smoke to rise in the tube, and I don't feel like doing that. If I get a night that only drops to the High 30's F, I can smoke cheese at night, shut the smoker off overnight, then vac pack it cold in the morning