cold smoking trout

Started by simbo, February 22, 2010, 12:03:12 PM

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Overhauling is slightly different depending on what type of curing you are doing. In this case you are wet brining. So overhauling will be redistributing and repositioning the fillets, what fillets that were on the bottom are move up towards the top. The interval of overhauling will depend on your curing times. This is to make sure that all areas of the meat are equally exposed to the brine. Also as you are repositioning the fish stir the brine up.

Another example would be while curing whole muscle using a dry cure, you would turn the meat over and any liquid in the container you should mix that up also. Least common use today, would be if you are curing a large piece of meat with a dry cure, you apply half the cure and let it cure for half the length of time, then apply the other half of the cure. Sometime the directions will instruct you to rinse the first batch of cure off before applying a second batch. You will still need the reposition the meat either daily or every other day.



The temperature needs to be 25c / 77f for an optimum 'cure'.  Below that and the thin acidic coating of the smoking process will not be sufficiently deeply infused into the fish, so you won't get the texture and the preserving qualities.  More info on smoking trout here: