first time using the new smoker

Started by bears fan, February 24, 2010, 07:07:13 PM

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bears fan

After I get the new smoker seasoned, anybody got a recommendation for a newbie smoker to try for the first time?  Looking for something other than ribs for my first run.



Probably should start off with something inexpensive, that way in case it should not come out perfect, you wouldn't have wasted a lot of money. It seems no matter how tightly you stick to recipes and rules, something goes wrong. Keep it simple until you get the hang of it. I started with chicken and was glad I did. Reasonably inexpensive, and yes I made my share of mistakes.
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bears fan

No plans for the weekend and the garage fridge will have plenty of beer stocked for the first smoke.


Pork shoulder (or butt)  I'm guessing you don't have a rub so just use a lot of Lowery's seasoning and some pepper.  Put some Garlic in the water pan and wait until the internal temp is 195F, pull it out, wrap in al foil, put in a cooler for 3-4 hours, pull out, pull it apart and put on on some buns.  My idea of a good smoked bbq is that BBQ sauce is optional!!

Ka Honu

For my money (well, actually for your money), if you have the time I'd recommend a pork butt or shoulder.  They're relatively easy and forgiving while giving you a one of the best & tastiest examples of what your smoker can do for you.


I agree.

Used your fav rub and if you have none, check the recipe site for several great rubs.

You can inject it, slap it, just cook it "Low and Slow"

220* until the IT gets to 195*.

Caution: it WILL take a while to cook it so make your plans according to that.

16 to 26 hrs depending on the size of your Butt and the quanity!


Butt -  probably the most forgiving and can feed lots of people for the effort.
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Welcome to the forum, I ask this question right before christmas when I got my OBS.

I got the same response, "Do a port butt".
So I started with that and since then have done 2 of them. They come out great and everyone here loves it.

I recently did chicken and while I thought it was ok, my wife didn't like it :( so I guess I will have to figure that one out at a later time.
My next plan is to do some ribs when weather permits it.

bears fan

Thanks.  I got the OBS seasoned tonight before it's first use.  I was surprised how fast it heated up to 200 degrees in 20 degree temperatures.  Only took about 10 minutes.

Going to buy a pork butt tomorrow and season it up and smoke it Saturday.  I'll let everyone know how it turns out.


Yeah do a butt. And if your in NC, SC, GA Go get some Carolina Treet for it.


Post Pics!

Don't forget, you got a good group of ppl here to help you thru that first smoke.

Start a new post at the beginning of your smoke and ppl will be there to help if you have a question.

Da Bears!

bears fan

Appreciate all the advice.  Now going to find a good rub for it to sit in overnight.  I'm pretty pumped!

I'm sure I will have some questions as I go thoughout the day on Saturday.  I'm more curious how long to keep the smoke rolling then anything.  About half the time of cooking, but if I don't know how long it's going to take to cook, it's hard to figure out the first time how long half the time is for smoking.

I'll start a new post and see if I can't add some pictures.


Most advice is to smoke for 4 hrs then go with the cooking stage.

I personally like more smoke, but start there and then you can change it next time to your liking.

Here is the link to help with posting pics.

if you have any more ?'s just ask, we want to help.