What to do with pucks between smoking and cooking.

Started by JustusIV, March 01, 2010, 09:51:56 AM

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So i am doing a pulled pork and am planning on smoking for 4 hours, but it obviously will need to cook for alot longer. I loaded 4 hours worth plus 2 but after 4 hours i should turn off the smoke generator but do i need to pull the 2 pucks out? and what about the burnt puck on the heater. I know there are little metal disc you can get to fix that but i dont have them yet.


Some say the burnt puck will smolder and create some bad smoke, not sure if that's true or not, but you can open and take a knife or something and shove it off the edge into the water pan. The other two will be ok. You might get a little burn spot on the end of the one close to the burner, but you'll be able to reuse it.
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I also leave the smoke generator on after the smoke.

Helps heat up the tower....very handy in cold weather.
    (125 watts of heat)
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Quote from: JustusIV on March 01, 2010, 09:51:56 AM
I know there are little metal disc you can get to fix that but i dont have them yet.

You can get the little metal disks from Scott's Place



I bought the bubba pucks from yard and pool. They work well


I got the hollow ring type ones, can't remember where I purchased from but they work great.

But do as the others stated, just knock it off with a knife into the water and leave the other two until things cool down.

I actually turn my smoke generator off once it is done, and leave the cabnet on until the cook is done.
Some like to leave it on, some don't, it's up to you and your preference.