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Started by wi bucky, March 31, 2010, 06:47:22 AM

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wi bucky

I bought a 6 rack smoker right before christmas and have made quite a few batches of jerky,slim jims, weiners, etc. all turned out very good. I have found if you give your buddies a taste they will bring there venison over to have stuff made. I have tried a lot of different recipes and all are good. It sure makes a big difference if your smoking at 10 degrees and windy to 50 degrees and sunny. I was wondering what the Bubba Pucks are all about??? Thanks wi bucky


They push the bisquettes off the smoke generator so all of them get burned completely. You usually use three of them to completely empty out the smoke generator. Two will get them all onto the smoke generator burner but you have to remember to turn off the smoke generator or the bisquette will burn too much.

Scott (smokeitall) has them at smokeandstuff.com



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Here is a pretty good explanation of what the Bubba Pucks do...also a lot of great recipes and other information there.



wi bucky

Thanks for the info guys!


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