new on the team in dilema...which one?

Started by akd, April 05, 2010, 02:04:13 PM

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 ::) I read many good words for Bradley smokers...interested in a 4 rack but researched online puts me in a dilema...shows "Black" color, "Steel with powder color/aluminum inside" and also shows "Stainless steel with Stainless steel inside"...prices are shown close to each pther...question....are there three kinds and are all the specs SAME but just the shell being different?? Any one pls help...also request the link to Bradley company...thanks...akd


The link to Bradley Company is

Specs are essentially the same although I'm hearing that the stainless steel exterior unit is being discontinued.  The black one is the original Bradley smoker while the other is the digital model.


While I did not own the digital unit I own both of the other. They smoke the same.

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I just opened the box for a 4-rack Digital ready to start/prime it...the digital smoker keeps on showing "E" for error??? when switched on...the smoke tower works ok...please help before the day is over...akd

Habanero Smoker

The "E" error is common.

Here is a link for most trouble shooting. Look in the Digital Smoker Section.

Bradley FAQ's



try unplugging and replugging the sensor cable.

Hab's has you fixed up.

Let us know if that solved your problem.