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Started by watchdog56, April 11, 2010, 03:47:53 AM

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I have been using my Bradley 4r digital and I am still getting an e-1 error when I plug in smoke generator. If I wiggle the sensor wire in back it goes on and off depending on where the wire stays. Brian has sent me a new connector inside the box thinking that was the problem but it looks more like there might be a bad connection the the sensor wire. Anyone else have this problem and do you think I need a new wire?


If jiggling it makes it go away, and the connector didn't fix it, then I'd suspect the wire. There could also be a bad connection on the connector, or a bad wire going to the connector. Sometimes gunk can get on the connector as well, you can clean it off with isopropyl alcohol and q-tips. Make sure it dries completely before plugging back in.
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I plug in my cord I use for cold smoking and no problem at all so I am pretty sure it is my sensor cord.