How long does it take to heat the unit to 150deg F?

Started by b0dhi, April 11, 2010, 06:22:15 AM

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Hey everyone,

I just bought my DBS4 and am trying to season it... The first time I tried it, the unit only got up to 90deg F by the end of the 1 hour... ???   

I've read some posts that people say their temps reach 190F in 20 mins.. so.. just wondering if I may have an issue with mine... I did use a long extension cord the first time, and will remove it this next try... (the extension cord is a heavy one that I use for my lawn  mower)...

I am wondering if I should of pre-heated the oven temp?  It doesn't say to do it in the manual, but wondering if this should be done...

thanks for reading :)


That sound exactly like what my 6 rack did last fall when I brought it home.  The only heat you're getting is from the smoke generator.  There very well may be a loose wire inside your smoke generator.   It was  an easy fix.   Take the bottom off the smoke generator and if there's a loose or disconnected wire you'll see it right away.   To take the bottom off undo the outside screw and leave the center ones alone.


I should have asked are you sure you turned on the generator and the heat for the tower.   Before you open up the generator, take a look inside your tower and see if the element is glowing,   If not then my fix is the solution.   If it is then look else where.   


It doesn't look like the element is working... I just turned on the Oven, and set the unit to 320degF... There's no heat coming from it..

I opened the generator unit, and can't see any lose wire or disconnected wire.. I may have to look again...


Mine had one wire completely off and it was obvious as soon as I opened it.    Maybe wiggle them to make sure they're making contact.   If that doesn't help check your connection at the back of the tower.


got it!  Element is glowing now and is heating up nicely.. going to go through another seasoning round...

I noticed that one of the connections to the power connector was not connected properly.. if you look at it, it looks "okay" but upon closer inspection, it wasn't making a complete connection.. Refastening this connection seemed to do the trick..

Much appreciated RAF! Thank you!!


Your welcome.    What I noticed in mine was the way the wire was routed past the motor.   Every time I put it together it would pull itself apart.   Re routed and it was fine.    Happy smoking.

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WElcome to the forum Akira and glad you got your problem solved.

RAF, you the man!


Per Suyi - Auber Sales sent me this in regards to a question I had on my PID.  Not exactly on point but provides an idea as to how long to get to a certain temperature with only smoke generator.

"The heater of the smoke generator can rise the temperature of the tower  by 70 F (2 hours, in the shade with damper open). That means when the ambient temperature is at 70 F, the smoker can be heat up to 130 F in 2 hours by the heater of the generator (without using the heater in the smoker). So, if you leave the smoke generator on, our controller can't control the temperature [NOTE: I have a DBS6] if setting is less than 70F above the ambient. In that case, you need to shut down the smoke generator, or introduce the smoke by a pipe.