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Started by whitetailfan, March 07, 2004, 05:46:20 PM

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I started defrosting some jerky meat on Friday.  Cut it up and started to marinate Saturday and then went downtown to buy some of the new jerky racks, because my pieces were very small.

Well, it turns out that the three people in Lethbridge who sell Bradley, as well as one little town outside of here do not bother to stock anything more than the wood pucks[:(]  One guy just ordered some stuff in and will be here this week, but that's a little too late for me.

What I came up with is to lay inside the original racks, cookie cooling racks.  They have half inch or less spacing, and I picked up 4 of them for about $12CDN.

Saved my butt big time, because I would have lost most of the meat for sure with the one inch space racks.  My own fault for cutting up the meat so small, but when you get down to the end of deer and are deboning, there is tons of small stuff.

I will probably buy the jerky racks this week anyway, because my wife can use the cooling racks, but it sure was a simple solution, and I hope someone else can use this tip[:)][:)][:)]

John - Lethbridge, AB
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Chez Bubba

Don't ya just love the sense of adventure?[;)]

On a serious note though, my wife's cooling racks are coated with some kind of plastic stuff, that would make them not good for smoking. Hopefully we just have cheap cooling racks![:)]

Regarding your local dealer's "lack of inventory", I find it to be pretty common and I don't understand the mentality. Either you're IN or you're OUT. I wonder whether any of them have actually used one before?

If you decide to buy the jerky racks, consider our offer posted at since you're in AB.

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Ya think if next time I check into a hotel & they ask "Smoking or Non", they would mind?