what temperature range for OBS?

Started by rmdodson, April 20, 2010, 03:09:57 PM

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I've had my OBS for a couple of months now & I have a question...how hot should it get if the slider is fully right? Today I did spareribs in it & it only got to 265F when preheating with the smoke generator on. It was sunny, 80F & no wind out. 265F is about the max I've been able to get out of it, which I guess isn't much of a problem since most of what I've done is at 200-225F. Just wondering if everything's ok?
Thanks, Rhonda


You pretty close to being there Rhonda.

Maybe 275 to 280 is gonna be close to max.


thanks, rocker, that's good to know.


Bradley has actually lowered their advertised temp to 280*

Max Temperature: Controllable up to 280F.
Min Temp: Subject to ambient temperature


Woke up a couple weeks ago and probe said cabinet temp at 273* at 6:30 AM on a brisket.  Scared the crap out of me but the meat was awesome.



I don't think my OBS has ever gotten over 250 or so.  But, as you said, we smoke/cook at a lower temp so it doesn't really matter to me.
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I met Brian at his warehouse two weeks ago and asked him about the low heat I was experiencing in my OBS, he suggested that I check the V-tray openings to ensure that there was adequate width to the openings. The narrower the width of the openings, the less the heat will circulate and the less heat you will get in the cabinet.
I did take a look to ensure the openings hadn't been squished in some way, and adjusted a few, but not by much. Haven't done a smoke since so I don't know if there will be any changes to the temps, but it may be something to for you to look at.


Also if the electrical outlet is being shared directly (something else plugged into that plug)

or indirectly (the electrical line comes from somewhere where something is plug into it)

That will effoct the amount of elect your Bradley needs to operate right. Or if you are

plugged into a long extention cord. It's not always the smokers fault.


My OBS is currently hiding in the garage.  It's plugged directly into an outlet.  I measured the no-load voltage at 121.  After turning on the SG and cranking the cabinet up all the way, the voltage dropped to about 117.  That's pretty decent but the OBS still won't get real hot.  Not that I really need it all that hot.  The ambient temp was around 60oF.
-- Arnie

Where there's smoke, there's food.