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Started by DTAggie, April 24, 2010, 02:34:22 PM

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The folks at Bradley sent me a new door under warranty.  Just looked at taking the old door off.  Do you just pop the lock washer off the bottom pin or do you need to take the entire temp controller off?  Tried popping off the washer with screw driver but it is being stubborn.  I do not want to take apart more than I have to.


There are two screws at top you remove and the door comes off.

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To remove the door on the OBS, you open the door about 1/3 open, the lift it up. This will clear the pin on the bottom, and slowly pull the bottom out towards you until you can lower the door to clear the top pin. Be careful, on mine the pin on the bottom is not fixed with a lock washer, and dropped out of the door. So keep an eye on it so it won't get lost. Once you get the door off, then if the pin has a washer, pop it off and install it on the new door.

To reinstall reverse the steps.



Thanks.  I will try and replace it this evening.


Bradley is real good at replacement parts.  I just wish they'd send a little piece of paper outlining the easiest way to do the replacement.
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