Hey, I made some spare ribs.

Started by EZ Smoker, April 30, 2010, 01:13:39 AM

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EZ Smoker

Smoking 2 racks of spare ribs in my OBS, using the middle 2 racks, I found the higher ribs took 30 minutes longer for the meat to pull away from the bone (which is what I look for to know they're done.)  Also, the higher rack had a more smoky flavor.   Would rotating the racks help me get more consistent results between the racks of ribs?  Any suggestions?

Also, I went out and hired a hand model so I could show you guys a couple of pics:

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Habanero Smoker

Nice job on the ribs.

Rotating from top to bottom and front to back will give you more consistent results. Some rotate every hour but for spare ribs, I rotate about every two hours, smoking/cooking at two hundred. I usually don't foil.

Installing a circulation fan also helps provide more consistent results.
Circulation Fan



Those ribs look perfect!  Great job.
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Nice rack, I'm right behind you, should see my pics before dinner (if I don't mess em up!)  ;D
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I'm just going to have to try some ribs.   


EX, Habs has you set straight.  I would always recommend rotating top/bottom and front/back when you are using more than one rack.  It would depend on how long you're smoking for on the time.  I would say if you're smoking for 4 hours or less just rotate at the halfway point.  Then rotate one more time after the smoke is done. 

Also, I like to use the top most rack and work my way down.  Gives a little distance from the heat source and it puts the meat above the thermometer if you're using the door sensor.


Nice looking ribs!! You must have paid a pretty penny for that hand model. Mine always seem to take a bite out of the ribs before or during the picture taking session.
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Hey, thems some good lookin ribs EZ

My hands would be shakin by the time you took the second picture.

EZ Smoker

Oh, man.   Part of the 2nd rack was just a little dryer, so we ripped it up and put it in the fridge for sandwiches.   Bought some fresh rolls from the bakery and had those sandwiches for lunch today.   Have to say... that was a good plan.
It may seem like I'm rubbing salt in the wound, but the truth is I'm trying to cure it.