Ashy smelling smoke from my OBS

Started by dribron, May 10, 2010, 01:03:19 PM

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I find mesquite to have an ashy smell to it anyways.
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I never really noticed it before, and use fairly often. It is one of my favorite wood's to smoke with. It may just be me getting use to the difference of using a bradley as compaire to other smoker that I own. I have charcole smokers as well as a smoke hollow electric that I use often. With it the wood smells pretty much the same as it does over lump. I expected it to be simular with the bradley.
Still I love the Bradley, and after getting use to the differences, I am sure that I will love it. It is one heck of a nice littel smoker being nicely insulated, having a far amount of space. And the fact that you can do both cold and hot smoking is a deffenate plus.


I'm with CRG on the vent setting.  I usually run wide open also.
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So your saying that less than wide open on the vent =ashy smelling smoike?


from what I have found, the only way to get "ashy" smoke is if the puck stays on the burner too long.  Was the smell there throughout or only after all pucks had gone through?  Without bubba pucks, the third to the last puck will not be pushed off the burner and be burned completely, not to mention that the second to last will get partially burned and basically be a waste.  This may be the cause (unless you already know this and have bubba pucks)...just a thought


If we are talking about the mesquite (messy wood) bisquettes, I have found them to be a stronger smoke than just mesquite chips, chunks et al.

I would not apply more than four hours of them, probably less until you get a taste for how smoky they are.

IMHO, if you put on two hours you can taste it and say "it needs more smoke" - but it is still a good meal.

If you put on too much - you may not find it appetizing enough to eat.
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