Habitat for the OBS

Started by GusRobin, May 23, 2010, 09:30:14 AM

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I bought the OBS in Dec last year. I got tired of postponing smokes due to weather - live in north Alabama and it rains a lot. Hard to plan overnight smokes. Don't have an enclosed deck, not practical to put a vent hole in the garage and wife isn't too keen on me smoking on the front porch. So I built a home for the OBS. Didn't really have more than a sketch in mind and kind of designed on the fly so it took longer than planned and involved a lot of rework as plans the design evolved and I got new ideas. Basic concept was large enough to store stuff and easy access to plugs etc; minimize having to bend down when smoking; accomodate hot or cold smoking; and have wheels. met all objectives.Still need to add lighting for night smokes, but here is the finished product.
Under construction


side view

rear view


all doors open up for easy access

cold smoke set up

hot smoke setup

It turned out to be a lot heavier than planned, but all the doors and roof are removable so that helps when I have to lift it onto the deck.So now I am ready for all kinds of weather.
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You deserve a big Pat-on-the-Back!

That is a nice, nice Habitat for your Bradley.


All you need is a trailer hitch and to go on the smoke tour. ;)

Very nice Hotel Bradley!



Every time I get to thinking this hobby ain't some kind of sickness or disease...
It never fails...  One of y'all just HAS to correct me!

Wow...  Nice job!

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That is awesome GR!  Great work!
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Nice, I was thinking along the same lines, but was going to go with bigger wheels since I will have to drag mine over rocks and grass.
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That's very impressive!  Nice design and execution.
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Mr Walleye

Great job Gus!  8)

Nothin' like a little ingenuity to get the job done.


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Very nicely constructed, and well planned out.



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Very nicely done!

Great looking craftmanship.
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Way too cool!

Be sure to keep us informed as to how it works out for you!
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