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Started by DTAggie, June 25, 2010, 07:40:46 AM

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Sorry everyone.  Ribs were done after 4 hrs with no foil and apple wood just as I was heading out to play poker on Friday night and I had a delivery to make on Saturday.

I have to say, they were terrible.  Very dry one side - the side with Carolina Gold then rub.  I hate to admit it, but the rub was too salty on ribs for me.  I will try it on butt to see how it is.

I will not do BB ribs w/out foil anymore.  Problem could have been the ribs themself.  The store only had them frozen and I had to place in water to though then rub down.


Sorry to hear that DTA...
Doesn't sound like you want to try it again (w/o foil).

Every smoker is a little different, and it's important to keep some moisture inside throughout a rib cook. 
Of course, you can lose moisture quickly opening the door and such.

I don't know if this would work, but I have a crazy idea...
WHAT IF...  On a rack above (or maybe below?) the ribs (and maybe on a frog mat) ya had as much big chunks/slices of WATERMELON as would fit?
It's sweet and tasty...  And it would HAVE to keep dripping/evaporating for a long time.
Seems like ya could keep the door closed a LONG time w/o peeking (losing the moisture).
I dunno.  Just an idea.

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Ribs with Watermelon Sauce!

I think you just found a way to make your Million$. ;D


Funny I have thought about trying smoked watermelon.  I never did open the door the entire smoke.  But I did notice when I finally did open I must have spilled my water pan some.  Most of it was in the pan I set my water pan on.

I am realizing I have a low tolerance for salt in rubs.  After mixing up Jan's rub, I tried it and enjoyed the flavor.  Was surprised how it actually was on the ribs.  Has anyone else thought it was a little salty?  I will try n a butt I have as I know it can handle more rub.


Here are the finished pics.  Look ok but were very dry


did you spritz with apple juice or so after the first couple of hours? I watched a news segment and some guy won 3 out of 4 categories on ribs and he said he spritz's with apple juice about every half hour so I have done that ever since and they always seem to come out a nice golden color and plenty juicy.


So just a spray bottle with Apple juice in it? I have heard that many times. Really works huh? Do you guys flavor the water in the pan at all?
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Did not spritz as I had a small tiem window to get them done.  Each time you open the door it adds to the cook time.