1st use of my new Auber - WS

Started by TestRocket, June 25, 2010, 02:44:11 PM

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I know I should have cooked something but I haven't had the time and I couldn't wait to play around with my new Auber PID.  So I set everything up in the garage yesterday after work.  It actually was a good learning experience in getting familiar with programming it and watching how well it controls the OBS. It was kind of cool to see all the power lights blink in sync.

Two things I should point out are that I have added the second element (with switch) and that I didn't try the auto-tune. I decided to try what I read in love the smoke's "Dual Probe Autotune" thread where Suyi Liu's (Auber Instruments) suggested to change the P value to 140 (thus P=140, I=600 and D=150). It seemed to work to me!

Click on the PICS to enlarge:

Setup and probe placement:

I went for a simple program that would take just over an hour:

Warm up to 200 deg for 30 minutes
Ramp up to 210 deg for 30 minutes
Cook until IT is 210 deg (wasn't thinking about the fact that the IT probe would already be at 210 deg)
Ramp down to 185 deg for 6 minutes (6 minutes were up before it got down to 185 deg)

C01 200 E01 T .5 (30 min)
C02 210 E02 T .5 (30 min)
C03 210 E03 F 210 deg
C04 185 E04 T .1 (6 min)
C05 0 E05 T 0
C06 0 E06 T 0
R1 – 1 (power SG in step #1)
R2 – 2 (power SG in step #2)

I modified a spare power cord so I could plug into the PID (SG plug) and power a 100w shop light just to see the PID turn the light on and off. Yea I know? But it worked!

I had 5 temp probes all within inches of each other. The first two are the Auber PID probes then the two Mavrick ET-7 probes and then the probe of a Charmglow digital thermometer. Here are the time and temps:

5:00   Power on
5:14   #1 202, #2 203, #3 204, #4 209, #5 202
5:30   #1 199, #2 200, #3 202, #4 205, #5 200
5:36   #1 213, #2 215, #3 215, #4 220, #5 212 (this was the peak of the over shoot)
5:39   #1 210, #2 210, #3 211, #4 215, #5 211 (stable)
5:56   #1 210, #2 211, #3 211, #4 217, #5 212
6:00   #1 210, #2 209, #3 210, #4 219, #5 212
6:06   #1 194, #2 192, #3 194, #4 196, #5 193

What I learned:
#1 The Auber – WS is easy to program and it does a great job of controlling the temperature inside the OBS.
#2 The switch over of the R1 and R2 programmable steps didn't appear to power off between steps (which would reset the SG and I don't know if it mattered I just wanted to know).
#3 Looks like I have a problem with the IT probe on the Mavrick.
#4 I love new toys tools!

That was fun and now it's time to smoke something!


Now stop playing and get to Smoking! ;D


Yeah, next time put some food in there first!  ;D
I like animals, they taste good!

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Get off my...LOL Thanks guys! If those numbers help even one newbie I'm happy because of all I learned from reading and I'm not very far from a newbie myself!


when I play around with the stuff do valuable research, I usually throw in a chicken since they are pretty cheap. That way after all is said is done I have something to eat.
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Thanks for the programming help as I have not used my auber yet and just wanted to program it for 220 cabinet and 190 it, this should help as soon as I can find a chicken


Your welcome dtro and don't forget vent wide open with chicken.