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Started by Oldman, March 14, 2004, 12:58:18 AM

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I'm going to post this here after reading the post "New Categories." From what I've read it seems that some folks only check out a few of the forums here. Thus while I have offered this on another board here I have a feeling it has been missed.

The Topic is posting your pictures. Yes it is true that storage and bandwidth is a consideration. I know I have 3 web-sites. On my gaming site I allow our DoW-members to directly upload into a post without restrictions. Friends of the DoW we will set up a direct upload program for them and restrict their upload area to 5 megs each and a max. pix size of 640X480.

Now to my offer again. If you want to post a picture and you don't have an upload area then E-mail me your picture. Olds I will upload it to one of my sites and then send to you the link (all you would have to do is copy and paste it into your posting here)so you can post your picture here. Please keep them in a jpg format and about 640x480 pixs. If you really think you need to use a PNG format I will consider it if it is a drawning in 16 colors or less.  However, PNG is many times larger than a jpg file in a photo.

Below is a picture in jpg @540x360 pixs. It will take the average dial up 20 seconds to load this. If this picture was in a PNG format it would take closer to 60 seconds to load.

So anyway you have my offer to host your pictures.

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Thanks Olds![;)]

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