Help Installing Smoke Generator, Please!!!!!!!!!!!

Started by KEABOS63, June 29, 2010, 12:46:06 PM

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I don't know if it's just me but it doesn't seem like the smoke generator is fastened tightly to the cabinet. The knobs that fit into the slots on the smoke generator have, what seems like, 3 different sizes. The biggest is the outside of the knob, then the main part of the knob is a little smaller and then the smallest part is a very narrow piece that is closest to the cabinet. I am not sure if the smoke generator is supposed to be snapped onto the very narrow smallest part of the knob or just smaller main part of the knob? I don't want to get rough with the thing and break something so I thought I would ask before something bad happens.

Help please!


Aim the two knobs thru the holes on the smoke gen.

Slide on the smoke gen and then just let it slide down till it on the knob.

It just sits there.


Ok. That helps and I have it right because it's just sitting there. It's not snapped in tight or anything. I'm seasoning the smoker right now and I'm not losing any smoke between the cabinet and the smoke generator so I think it's good to go!

Thank you much for the quick response.



I too thought that there should be something to tighten...but it just sits there. Good luck!


Welcome Keabo, I was hesitant at first too.  Didn't want anything coming apart.  Make sure you remove the SG before you move the cabinet since it does just rest on the knobs.  Whatcah gonna smoke first?