Reheating Chicken

Started by KEABOS63, July 01, 2010, 09:54:26 AM

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Hi all,
So the bird came out beautiful. I had put 4 leg quarters in as well and they were yummy. The leg quarters ended up being enough to feed the girls.

Now I have a whole chicken ziplocked in the fridge after being FTC'd for 1 hour. Any suggestions and or ideas of the best way to use this meat?

Suggestions for reheating?

Suggestions for serving? Sandwhiches?

I'm kind of stuck. Not sure if I should reheat whole or carve and then reheat?

Once again your help will be much appreciated.



I shred a lot of chicken (we get 'family pack' split chicken breasts when they are 99 cents/lb) and use that for sandwiches..

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Even if the skin is perfect the first time you eat the chicken, it's hard to get it back that way out of the fridge.  So I like to shred it for sandwiches.   I'd bet it would also make a wonderful chicken salad.    My wife has a great chicken salad recipe, so I might try that next time.

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