Can I brine too much?

Started by johnnytahoe, June 09, 2005, 07:36:47 PM

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I put about 10 pounds of Salmon in the cure for Indian Candy last Friday night, only to find on Sunday that my smoker needs a replacement part to operate. I have since, left the salmon in the marinade.

Can this be too long for it to sit? I probably won't get my replacement part until early next week.

Will my salmon survive this extened bath (it has been covered and in the fridge)?


Talk about bad timing for a break down! I would be concerned about spoilage of the fish, especially since you don't know for sure when your smoker will be operational again.
I would remove the fish from the brine, wrap well or cover with water and freeze the fish. Thaw and smoke once you know that the smoker is working.

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