Why so many temp probes?

Started by DADAKOTA, August 09, 2010, 01:33:25 PM

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I am confused.  Lets see a themometer on the smoker.  A PID the monitors cabinet temp and meat temp?  A maverick 73 that monitors cabinet and meat temp.  A thermapern that monitors meat temp.  Can someone straighten me out?  So confused.


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The thermometer on the smoker can read false if there is food below it.

The PID probes monitor the cabinet and one meat temp. Of course you have to get up and walk over to the PID to read the temp, and there are no alarms.

The Maverick allows you to monitor the temp from your lazy-boy and alert you when you reach your desired temp, or if the cabinet temp drops too low (usually indicating a problem)

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If you've been cooking something a while, and the food temp you are reading on the probe seems suspect, it's nice to grab the Thermapen and do a quick double-check.  Aside from the cost of whatever you are smoking, you can have a lot of time invested in a long smoke, and you may even be depending on the results (company coming over).   You can do without extra probes and a Thermapen, but it's just a matter of time until you realize why most of us have these items.
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Or you might be doing 2, 3 kinds of meat...


Very very different final temperatures!


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