DA Beefman heater mod

Started by beefmann, August 09, 2010, 03:54:40 PM

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hello all, this  is being posted for the newbies  hat  haven't  seen it, some where  along the  line the original pictures were  delited

so here it is  again from the  beginning

motor mount and  blower / heater  shroud

inside the cabinet,  heater bolts are 5/16 by 1 1/2 inch

900 watt heater  wired with 14 gage high temp wire

heater mounted with wires towards the front of the  box,  with blower wheel attached to motor with clearance front and back for housing

blower motor  mount  installed

motor  installed

blower wheel installed

shroud and grease deflector installed

and yes  was controlled by a pid that was in the  smoke generator and now will be controlled by  beefmann's timer/ pid controller. hope  everyone  enjoys and  makes  use out of it


How do you get your V-tray to set in there?


cut the  v tray  to fit around the  shroud


Sounds like a lot of work compared to just adding a second element and getting a total of 1000 watts. What is the benefit compared to the dual elements?
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beefman came up with this mod before someone had the idea to add a second 500w element.
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So if I have this right you went from 500 watts to 900 watts by replacing the original element and I guess bypassing the original slider control board? And also installed the largest fan I've seen yet! Then control it all with a PID?

I have added the second element (with switch) and also use a PID for temp control.

My question is: How much to you feel the fan adds to the overall elimination of hot and cool spots within the cabinet? As in, do feel like you need to still rotate racks (front to back and top to bottom)?

Thanks for posting your PICS.


the  fan adds a lot to keeping  the  temperature   close to the  same top to bottom and   front to  back...  th only  problem  i have  ran into  is  with the  blower  on it  removes the heat off the smoke generator to  where  it  will not  burn the pucks fully, so i modified the  way i  cook and do the smoking  process first  then  cook, i  have found  out that  this method of smoking and cooking  has  worked  well  for me and really doesent take  that  much  longer  if at all.

month ago did 30 lbs  of brisket to a it temp of 190 and a cook temp of  215 and  was  done in 19  hours



Adding a fan, especially one of that size, turns an oven into a

convection cooker which should reduce the cook time by up to 25%.