Started by AkHomeBuilt, August 17, 2010, 09:39:19 AM

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I just built a smoker this past weekend after putting it off for several years, now I need to know where I can find some racks so I can start smoking my salmon. I need racks that are 23-24" wide and preferably 22" long. I checked into having some made but they would cost more than what it cost me to build my smoker.


Try a kitchen supply store/warehouse.

Do not use non-stick coated racks...........they eventually peel.



I came across this site the other day looking for small round cooling racks.
Click here to see if they have anything you could use?


My co-worker was right, you guys are very helpful. I appreciate the info very much, thanks!


Look in your Yellow Pages for used restaurant equipment.

Also, You can get a sheet (48" x 96") Jerky screen at:

www.alliedkenco.com and cut your screens to fit your racks.

I use those in my big smoker