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Started by AkHomeBuilt, August 26, 2010, 11:00:06 AM

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I suspect that I will be needing a fan to circulate the heat in my homebuilt smoker, what kind of fan do you guys recommend and where should I put it in my smoker?


I have a fan in my Bradley and it is installed just above the heat element.

I also have a big smoker, but I use a power vent on top to draft the air.



What type of fan did you use and where did you get it? I'm smoking another batch of reds tomorrow and would like to have one installed by the time I get started.


I think this fan is too small for your big smoker. It is design for the Bradley Box and is probably 2 to 3 inch fan.

I really just stated that to give you an idea of fan location.

You might could use. a oven convection fan and maybe get one from a used appliance dealer.

I know Mike has installed fans on his big smokers and he will be by later in the day.


OK, thanks for the info classicrockgriller, I should be able to figure something for now. I'm using propane heat right now so I will have to experiment a bit with a location but should be able to figure it all out. Cheers!  AkHomeBuilt


might want to also look at a blower type to move the air, also can be set up to blow across the  heater as well