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Started by babyhewi, August 24, 2010, 04:00:16 PM

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Help- I remember reading a great post here recently and the author put a link for meat grades on it.  I loved the link but now can't find it as my eyes are crossing from reading so many posts on here trying to learn/absorb as much as I can! And no all those libations have nothing to do with it!! Tara


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Here's another reference on grades and inspections form the USDA.

Beyond the standards on inspection and grading there are the Institution Meat Purchasing Specifications, which are the USDA  standards for cuts, etc. - way more than the average consumer ever needs to know, but very helpful in demystifying all those names you see in the meat case at the store.

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Just some additional information about grading. Meat grading is not mandated by USDA, it is an option the meat packer must pay additional money for. Therefore smaller packers may skip the grading process. Also Angus beef is rarely graded. If it is certified Angus, then the quality of the meat is at least as good as choice, some judge it higher than choice.