question about smoking pork shoulder.

Started by dribron, September 06, 2010, 08:03:58 AM

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I have been smoking this and that for some time now. Due to the long cook times I have avoided pork butt/shoulder. Last night I decided to go for it and started it off at 12:00am, seemed like a good time sence it is a 9.6 pounder. It was that or get up at 2-3am. Anyway I got up at 7am everything seemed fine, then the power went down for about 1 1/2 hours. In that time the temp dropped from 235F to 113F. It is now doing fine at 230 with an inter tamp of 160F.
Tell me is that about of sceduale or should I be worried? Started at 12:00am it is now 10:00am @ 160F internal temp.

  Thank you all... been a while, great to be back!


I have done 8 pounders at 225* that have taken about 16-20 hours. You should see a stall at about 160* where the temp won;t move much for a few hours. This is normal and is just the meat becoming tender. Not sure if it hanging around 113* for that long is cause for concern but I am sure one of the experts will chime in.
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I won't worry about the small down time.

If you feel you are getting behind in your schedule then bump up the heat or bring it inside to the oven.

240 to 250* won't hurt that piggie.


Thanks for the advise. It is currently at 187 so I guess all is well.. I guess I'll give her a small bit then pull her from the smoker and wrap'er up.