YES ! It has arrived !! BUT...

Started by Chili Head, September 08, 2010, 04:05:06 PM

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Chili Head

I woke up this afternoon to find a huge box on my door step!
I was so a child on christmas morning  ;) I set everything up after cleaning everything and turn my precious on to season it. I set the oven temp, smoke amount and timers then an "E" stares me in the face on the smoke side ??? ??? :'(  You got to be kidding me!! The puck pusher wouldnt advance.. I remember reading about how to take the smoke gen apart and figured it couldnt hurt. Guess what I found? I found a plug not plugged together..then I thought are they supposed to be? Well the plugs do match so what the hell  ;D After putting it back together and plugging it all back up I press the button..VOILA the pucks advance manually and automaticaly ;D Now we're on our way to the store for some ribs and jalapenos for ABT's as soon as the seasoning is done :D



Congratulations!  Pretty soon you're going to be blessed with more knowledge than you ever dreamed possible.  I've learned so much on this forum.  It these guy and gals don't know it then it isn't worth knowing!
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Congrats on your new smoker.  Glad that you found the problem.  You will enjoy your new toy tool for many smokes to come.

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So you're guilty of RA (reading in advance)!

Problem solved...good job!

Congrats and welcome!

Have you read, "we like PICS"?  ;D


Congratulations on your purchase and awesome job of fixing the issue...

...Now Enjoy!
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Chili Head, congrats on not flipping out when things didn't work as planned.  You had done your homework and it paid off big time.  No panicking in your house.

Now....season that boy and let the smoke roll on some good stuff.

We're here for you.


Had a wire not connected in mine too when I bought it.   Different wire but still one disconnected.   Time to "git er done"


Welcome Chili Head..soon to be Smoke Head

Chili Head

Seasond and first food smoke complete  ;D

I'll post details in the proper section  ;D ;)

Teaser picture


Good going Chili Head.  The QC out of China isn't so hot.

Your ABTs look great  :D
-- Arnie

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Welcome Chili head and good job on those ABT's.