Door Temp Reading

Started by AlamanceNC, September 10, 2010, 01:56:15 PM

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After having the unit running for 5 hours now I've yet to climb above 225 on the door meter. Based on what I've read on the forums here over the past few it fair to say that since I don't have a probe inside the unit that chances are it's alot hotter in there than what the door is reading?


Is there anything in it? Which model? How open is the vent? Do you have it on an extension cord?
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Ribs and a tendorloin are in it. Vent wide open


Yea! The door thermometer is really only an indication that the cabinet is heating up. Do you have even an old oven thermometer lying around to put inside the cabinet or anything else to help you out?

If our clocks are right (5:52 PM) I'm just over an hour from your last post and 6 to 7 hours for ribs in the Bradley is about the norm.

Let us know how you did and look for a digital thermometer ($20-$30) to help you out in the future.

Good luck!